Blogging with Coffee

My mornings right now, after I cart the kids off to school, and before I start my work day, consist of a brief period where I get to quietly enjoy my coffee whilesitting down to put together some words to put on here. Yes, this means that I am currently enjoying my little moment of zen before the busy-ness of work begins and after the chaotic process of getting the kids out of the house ends. You should feel special. Those few moments I have where I can just enjoy the quiet and the lack of expectations, I spend here with you.

Of course, considering this is before my brain has had its caffeine jolt to wake it up, I often spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out what I want to write about. In fact, since I try to be a fair amount ahead on articles, in case I have some days in which I can’t write, I have over a dozen of these posts that I’ve written which I’m pretty confident will never actually see the light of day, because they are just that terrible.

I’m not the smartest in the morning.

Due to this lack of morning intelligence, most of my posts go through several edits to make sure they don’t sound completely idiotic by the time they actually reach the front page of the site. There are more than a few items that don’t even make it through the editing process simply because of how ridiculous they appear by the time they hit the light of a caffeinated brain.

Before my return to blogging, these fifteen minutes or so that I have between kids and work were ones I frequently donated to my job. Instead of allowing for the fact that I have this brief period of time available to prepare for the day, I would simply leap into work, not at all ready for what was to come. But with blogging, I have a minute (well, approximately fifteen) to wake my brain up, think through some of the things that are on my mind, and get into a solid mindset before I start the daily slog.

It’s actually pretty nice.

Although my life has been incredibly overwhelming as of late, I’ve found that looking for these little moments in which I can do something purely for me have really done a wealth of good in getting me into a better headspace. I’d suggest it. Find some way to break away from all the things you need to do, and just do something that might end up being an absolute waste of time, just for you.

Allow yourself not to worry about all the things which need to get done for those few minutes. Future-You can worry about all of that. For this exact moment, just allow yourself to exist for the present. Do a thing. Write something. Draw something. Listen to a couple songs. Anything which allows you to just be you for just a moment.

You might find yourself in a far better place after you come out of it. Even if you realize that you still have a bajillion things to get done that you weren’t doing during those fifteen minutes you stole for yourself.


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