The Agora Files – Part II

In the heart-pounding sequel to “The Agora Files,” Cyrus Rhodes finds himself on the run as a fugitive, joined by his unlikely ally Bruno, after a daring prison escape. As they navigate a treacherous landscape, their mission takes an urgent turn when they must orchestrate the escape of Eve, imprisoned and in need of their help.

With the clock ticking and the rebellion’s war looming, Cyrus and his comrades face a race against time. But as they dig deeper into the intricate web of conspiracy, they uncover shocking revelations about The Agora’s involvement, casting doubt on whom they can truly trust.

In “The Agora Files – Part II,” danger lurks at every turn as alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned. Will Cyrus and his allies be able to unravel the sinister plans of The Agora and rescue The Geek before it’s too late? This gripping installment delves into the depths of deception, pushing the boundaries of trust, and propels readers on a relentless journey of suspense and revelation.