Rise of the Fat Mogul

Buddy Hero and The New Defenders may have saved the world from ultimate destruction at the hands of the villainous Dominion, but thanks to another worldwide brainwashing event, the world again has no clue who they are.

This lack of infamy won’t stop Buddy and his friends from answering the call when the world gets into trouble once again. This time they’ll be fighting smack dab in the middle of the Sun City ComicCon filled to the brim with a cosplaying group calling themselves The Real-Life Superheroes. 

The New Defenders find danger coming at them from all sides when they are met with the new head of The Meta-Human Defense Team, who looks awfully familiar.  Being forced to dig deep into their own forgotten history, The New Defenders have numerous challenges against them, not the least of which being to finally find some notoriety.