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Dinner Theatre Murder Mysteries:
Luck be a Murder Tonight
 It’s the grand opening for Eau Claire’s brand new casino, and manager Tony Carbonara has bet everything on its success. With a rival family, scheming siblings, and a crazed waitress, the deck’s quickly getting stacked against Tony. Sometimes the house doesn’t win. 

…And the Winner is Dead
Everybody’s favorite gameshow host, Dick Burns, is making a comeback, and everyone is invited to the debut of his newest show.  When Dick’s dark past comes to light and he ends up dead on the stage floor, the audience has to figure out who killed him and why.

Lei’d to Rest – A Hula-DunIt Murder Mystery
The Johnsons’ annual luau is being held at the Oxford and you’re invited! But when the Home Owner’s Association president is found dead, it’s up to the audience to solve the mystery. Come in your most festive Hawaiian attire! Do the limbo, take group photos, have a delicious meal and have some fun!