Moonshine Monarchy


In the rugged Wisconsin Northwoods, 73-year-old Jim Monroe seeks solitude but ends up launching his own country, Monrovia, to defy America’s ills. Fed up with the nation’s shortcomings, he secedes from the United States and establishes a sovereign territory on his 300-acre plot. However, when the IRS targets him, Jim’s reclusive existence is shattered and he is thrust into a media frenzy orchestrated by his lawyer, Eliza. Inspired by Jim’s rebellion, idealistic youth join Monrovia, battling for survival and fearing an impending war with the United States. Amidst uncertainty, Jim finds purpose through a spirited young woman named Chloe, ultimately embracing his role as a folk hero and the potential impact of their movement. “Moonshine Monarchy” weaves politics, humor, and community into a captivating story of rebellion and self-discovery.