Chapter 16: Hold up…

Hold up a second.  All of this is in my head.  Only things I’m thinking.  At least I think it is.  Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, what exactly is reality anyway outside of pure thought.  Memory?  I mean, sure, we might live in the present, but really, we’re just remembering things as theyContinue reading “Chapter 16: Hold up…”

Chapter 15: Stop or my Character will Shoot

Adam raised his hands to the air. “Whoa!  I’m helping, I promise.  Just tell me what to do.” “I think the better question is, what can you do?  You and this Badger fella seem to have all sorts of powers.” “Well, yeah, that’s what I thought, until you shot him dead.” “I’m okay,” The BadgerContinue reading “Chapter 15: Stop or my Character will Shoot”

Chapter 14: Danger Isn’t a Middle Name

“You were expecting me?” Jessica asked, her eyes never leaving the giant beasts overhead. “Adam, meet Jessica Trelawnty, the self-proclaimed number one expert in all things paranormal,” The Badger declared with his hands importantly placed upon his hips. “And you know you I am?” Jessica’s attention turned toward the men at this realization.  “No oneContinue reading “Chapter 14: Danger Isn’t a Middle Name”

Chapter 13: Gotta Have More Meanwhile

“What the heck was that?” Adam asked The Badger. “You take charge and the next thing we get is some absurdist scene break about someone taking a shower? Besides, didn’t I write that ridiculous short story ages ago just to fill some space?” The Badger took a look at Adam, knowing that he didn’t needContinue reading “Chapter 13: Gotta Have More Meanwhile”

Chapter 12: Meanwhile…

Meanwhile, across town, Frank was only beginning his day. A day he dreaded dearly. Today was the day he was to finally tell his boss how he had begun to seek employment elsewhere. He struggled with this because actually liked his boss. Yet, he knew his current occupational situation didn’t offer much in the wayContinue reading “Chapter 12: Meanwhile…”

Chapter 11: Uh-oh?

“Uh oh?” Adam asked, glancing up at Carl who was currently arguing with Mrs. Picklebottom about how x isn’t a number. “Why uh oh?” “Because if you aren’t writing this and I’m not writing this, who the heck is writing this?” “I don’t know,” Adam answered stupidly, as if he even needed to say suchContinue reading “Chapter 11: Uh-oh?”

Chapter 10: Booger-Kicking Carl

Carl had a big problem. A huge problem. An impossibly ginormous incredibly terrible problem. Carl loved eating boogers. Love isn’t even the right word for it. Carl was absolutely addicted to eating boogers. It had become so much of a problem that his friends had started calling him Booger-Kicking Carl. No one was quite sureContinue reading “Chapter 10: Booger-Kicking Carl”

Chapter 9: So…what now?

There he sat, that lonely man, all alone, with a drink in his hand. He hadn’t always been alone, he thought with a grimace.  He had once had friends, a wife, and a purpose.  But he had gambled it away, one day, without abandon, by telling a friend a secret obsession. The man, you see,Continue reading “Chapter 9: So…what now?”

Chapter 8: Who the %$!# is this?

The Badger’s eyes opened once again and he exclaimed, “What?” “Oh, good, you’re not dead,” the mysterious and unwanted man replied. “Can you tell me what’s going on here? I was working on this mind-bending pseudo-horror novella about a woman who was captured and –“ “No.” The Badger stood. He was strong, not really injuredContinue reading “Chapter 8: Who the %$!# is this?”