Flash Fiction: A Thousand Conversations

“Good morning,” Jeremy said, greeting the first customer of the day. “What can I do for you?” The customer smiled, but her focus was not on Jeremy. Instead, she was focusing on all of the pastries held within the case which served as the focal point of this small cafĂ© and bakery. “Oh, there’s justContinue reading “Flash Fiction: A Thousand Conversations”

Flash Fiction: Grounded Magic

“Okay, now close your eyes,” the wizened old man said to the young woman. The two were standing in the middle of an ancient forest, the trees reaching high above them, into the clouds. It was dark in this small clearing, although the sun was high in the sky due to the shadows of thisContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Grounded Magic”

Flash Fiction: The Graduate (no, not that one)

Adam sat alone in his dark basement, considering his options for the future. He had recently finished school, at the young age of forty, and knew he needed to use all the effort he had expended over the past two and a half years to propel his career forward, even if it would primarily beContinue reading “Flash Fiction: The Graduate (no, not that one)”

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, which is why things have, again, been a little quiet on here. I was going to put another piece of flash fiction out to try to express this, but I didn’t think it would do things quite the amount of justice they required for expressingContinue reading “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once”

Flash Fiction: The Wrong Bunker

Julianne was employed at the theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure, when the zombies arrived. Not only did she feel particularly prepared for the oncoming apocalypse due to her interest in zombie films and television shows, but she also had made all sorts of contingency plans in the ridiculous event that zombies actually did becomeContinue reading “Flash Fiction: The Wrong Bunker”