Do You Know Where Your Child Is (Mentally)?

The topic of mental health is one that has long been important to me. As someone who regularly struggles with his brain deciding to act out in ways which don’t appear to make any sense, as well as a family history of a wealth of different mental health issues, I find it a topic whichContinue reading “Do You Know Where Your Child Is (Mentally)?”


SYWTBAW X: Go Your Own Way

While there’s a whole segment of the getting your book out there story that I can’t give you a whole lot of insight into (as in: landing an agent and getting a publisher the good old-fashioned way), the reality for most of us is that after writing a book, we’re going to end up publishingContinue reading “SYWTBAW X: Go Your Own Way”

SYWTBAW VIII: The Hardest Part

Once you’ve finished a book, regardless of what you intend to do with it, unless you’re just planning on filing it away in some hidden corner of your house for it never to be seen by anyone, you’re going to have to face the hardest part of the entire writing process. Even harder than marketingContinue reading “SYWTBAW VIII: The Hardest Part”


Alright, so, you’ve written a book, you’ve edited (I hope you’ve edited it!), you’ve done everything you can do in your own power to make the book as amazing as you possibly can, and you’ve put down the red editing pen feeling confident that this is the best book you can possibly create. The questionContinue reading “SYWTBAW VII: What Now?”

SYWTBAW III – But Should You?

About halfway through writing your first draft, you’ll probably reach a point in which you’ll really start to question whether or not you are able to make it as a writer. Part of the reason for this is because you’re going to find that you somehow became completely lost in what you were writing. Like,Continue reading “SYWTBAW III – But Should You?”