Flash Fiction: The Sun Worshipper

George looked to the sky and grimaced as he noted the gray coloration, hiding him from the light and warmth he desired so badly. As the snow flurried around him, he felt a sense of dread pass through his body. Why had the sun deserted him? Why did it refuse to pass its rays throughContinue reading “Flash Fiction: The Sun Worshipper”

Back to (Thinking About) The Future

If you’ve been paying attention, 2022 has already been a pretty huge year here at the Oster household. As of yesterday, I officially received an email allowing me to pay to download a digital version of my diploma (because…after paying $40 just to graduate, the opportunity to download a PDF is apparently not included) ANDContinue reading “Back to (Thinking About) The Future”

Becoming a Part of the Community

Growing up in the church meant that I’ve always had a pretty solid sense of community. It felt like I had countless moms throughout all of the women in the church, and there honestly wasn’t a single person in my life every day that I didn’t know pretty much all of the details about. VeryContinue reading “Becoming a Part of the Community”

Remembering How to People

Since early on in the pandemic period of our lives, I’ve been making a joke about how I don’t know how to interact with people anymore. Things like asking if licking someone’s face is the appropriate way to greet someone or not, because that’s how my dog does it. It’s not a great joke, butContinue reading “Remembering How to People”

The Sun’ll Come Out…Someday?

One of the earliest musical memories I have is of watching the old Annie movie adaptation of the musical during my childhood. My sister absolutely loved it and would watch it over and over and over again, so much so that this movie, which is ultimately a new take on the Robin from Batman storyContinue reading “The Sun’ll Come Out…Someday?”

And on to the Job Hunt…

At this point, some of you definitely have to be wondering if I’ll ever get back to the point where I can focus this place onto the writing aspect of my life. And the answer is…God I hope so. But, now that I’m nearing that point in which graduation is (hopefully) here (I actually justContinue reading “And on to the Job Hunt…”

Escapism Meets its Extreme

I have a weird, dirty, little secret to share with all of you. I’ve actually found time over the past few days to do a little bit of writing. Writing fiction even… It’s a little something I like to call Vacation Fan-Fiction. I’ve mentioned on here how I’ve been struggling a bit with the lackContinue reading “Escapism Meets its Extreme”

“GAY!” said Adam.

Florida’s been under heavy fire lately for a recent piece of legislation referred to as the Don’t Say Gay bill, which basically comes down to keeping any form of reference to anything outside of the ‘mythical norm’ from being discussed in classrooms up until 3rd grade. This means anything that falls under the queer bannerContinue reading ““GAY!” said Adam.”