Chapter 6: New Debbie – Part II

The teachers looked on in surprise, although I definitely wasn’t surprised because as always this narrative just took the most predictable turn. I mean, can you seriously expect any reader to just be like “oh, wow, she was really the woman in the room and now she’s all confused about who she was” and careContinue reading “Chapter 6: New Debbie – Part II”

Chapter 5: New Debbie

Sounds of absolute terror filled the air of the school’s courtyard. Teachers were torn between running for their lives and coming to the aid of the woman they now saw before them. Mr. Harrison was the first to jump into action. He began by ushering the children back into the school building, assuring them everythingContinue reading “Chapter 5: New Debbie”

Chapter 4: The Room – Part IV

Debbie grinned and looked down at the floor. The voice inside her head kept screaming at her to ask him out, but Debbie just couldn’t do it. The voice always seemed to know the right thing to do, but all Debbie could think about is what would happen if Chet said no. Debbie look upContinue reading “Chapter 4: The Room – Part IV”

Chapter 3: The Room – Part III

As time passed, Jane found herself less and less inclined to fight her situation. She had gone beyond hopelessness. The day was coming for the young child’s second birthday. The parents in the film were excited. And Jane, had to admit she was feeling a certain level of excitement herself. This life on the screenContinue reading “Chapter 3: The Room – Part III”

Chapter 2: The Room – Part II

Jane stares at the video in front of her in confusion. To her, it appears to be a real-time video feed from the point of view of a baby.  Unfortunately for her, this means that a majority of the film is either darkness, due to the child’s sleeping, or random blurry visuals combined with ear-piercingContinue reading “Chapter 2: The Room – Part II”

Introduct–Why Bother?

This is the part of the book where the author intends to tell you all about what is to come, about how this collection of short stories or whatever stems from an introspective review of mankind as well as a whole bunch of other hokum which really amounts to him attempting to come up withContinue reading “Introduct–Why Bother?”