Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, which is why things have, again, been a little quiet on here. I was going to put another piece of flash fiction out to try to express this, but I didn’t think it would do things quite the amount of justice they required for expressing just exactly how much this past week has been too much.

While it started well before last Friday, with my wife being stuck at the bakery all week due to some time off for our kitchen staff and I had an overnight shift that Tuesday and just a whole lot of things going on at work, things really took a whole new level of effort starting Friday, where, not only did I start my morning off at the bakery helping out where I could, but then I took a four hour drive south to Galena, IL. The boy scouts had an event in Galena, which both of my kids who are in the BSA were set to attend, but the middle child had an event at school that day as well, which meant he couldn’t leave with the rest of the group. I felt bad for him, because he had worked so hard on the event, but this Galena trip is such an important part of the BSA experience, so, I made the decision to drive him down there after he got done with school.

Since the wife was set to be busy at the bakery all weekend, I took the youngest with me as well, which means I then had to come up with some method for this drive to be a worthwhile experience for him. He decided we should take the three hour drive the following morning to Six Flags, which, although we managed to have some fun, was a mess of an experience of broken down rides and lack of staff meaning that we had to wait over an hour simply to even order food.

And then we drove back home that night, meaning I was on the road until 1am after spending 9 hours running around a theme park.

But we got back home, got a few hours of sleep, and then I had a day filled with trying to keep a 7 year old busy, while also doing some necessary running around for errands for both the house and the bakery, until the other two kids got home around 3pm. Sunday evening was then a brief respite in the crazy that has been the week, because right away Monday morning I had to be back at the bakery to meet the guy who was going to fix our espresso maker, which then led to that being a day for completely rearranging the front end of the bakery (because we’ve been wanting to fix the flow through the establishment for customers since before we bought it), and getting home to take kids to karate and other such things.

But things went into a full tilt on Tuesday when my wife had to leave early so she could go to Minneapolis for two days for an in-person work thing for her actual job, which meant that now I had to hustle through the workday and transfer kids through three different places, including the dentist which happened at the same time as my daughter’s softball game, leading to a dash across town so I could finally have all three kids in tow, bringing us to 5:30 without a dinner strategy, which was resolved when my daughter told me there was a fundraiser for her school at Culver’s.

With dinner in our bellies, I got the kids home, put them to sleep, and I had an actually fairly quiet night, where I got to sleep before 10, which is quite early for me, and would prepare me for the rock show that would be Wednesday, with yet another busy day at work, a karate lesson that took 30 minutes longer than usual because the middle kid was testing into his yellow belt (he got it), leading to my wife having to transition immediately from getting home into making dinner so that we could get everyone fed before we all collapsed.

And then yesterday…Yesterday I took off from my day job, because it was the first open day for the bakery since I rearranged the front end, so I wanted to be there if there were any issues with the new arrangement, had to onboard a new employee, found out that the espresso maker still wasn’t working, figured out a way to fix it that, fingers crossed, may actually keep, ran a few more errands, went to the clinic for my allergy shots, had a meeting with my boss at work, even though it was my day off, picked up the boys from school, ran a few more errands for the bakery, helped do some prep work at the bakery while the boys hung out at the library, nabbed them, picked up the daughter from softball practice, dropped them all off at home before heading back to the bakery to help with getting an enormous order to the ECCT’s Purses with a Purpose fundraiser, before finally picking up some pizza at 7:08 (about 40 minutes later than the latest my kids normally allow us to eat), and getting home and feeding the children before getting them to bed just a little after their normal bedtime.

It was a lot. And I’m finding myself quiet eager that today’s schedule claims it to be a far quieter day than the past week has been. But all the same, I could really go for a nap. Or a vacation…or both.

And I definitely needs a drink.


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Husband, Father, Creator/Destroyer of Worlds

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