Peach Fest 2022

2022 has already been a wild ride for the Oster household. And it feels like, in many ways, we are reaching a threshold for that craziness. And that threshold is what we’ve been referring to as Peach Fest. For the past 2 years, we’ve been bringing up fresh peaches from South Carolina, selling them to family and friends, and taking the proceeds to donate to some worthy causes. Last year we sold an incredible 45 cases of peaches, and raised over $1000 for a local group that supports the homeless population.

This year, next week, in fact, we’re picking up 450 cases (that’s 10 times what we got last year), and setting up outside our little bakery, and hoping to raise quite a bit more. We’re actually splitting the proceeds for this year’s event across 4 different non-profits, all providing some amazing good for our local community’s less fortunate population. Bolton Refuge House, Sojourner House, The Community Table, and the Chippewa Valley Street Ministry are all groups that we love and are incredibly eager to support.

But this also means that next week, we have a fully packed week of me getting down to South Carolina and back with a U-haul full of peaches, while my wife and kids prep everything in town for the bakery to be ready to take on this (hopefully) large influx of people. We’re so excited to do something this big (although, it was almost far larger of an event, and if this year goes well, will definitely be a larger event next year), but, also a bit anxious.

It’s one thing to provide something cool for family and friends, while doing some good. It’s another thing entirely to invite the public.

Not to mention that I’m still a little nervous about those peaches getting far too hot in the back of the truck, even if I have a few ideas on how to keep them from spoiling.

So…next week…I’ll be something of a mess. But I’m pretty excited about what all could be done. And…if you guys help us make this a success, next year will only be more spectacular. Believe me. Let’s make that one happen…even if it breaks my brain to get there.


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