TV Review: Veep

In case I haven’t made it completely obvious prior to now, I’m incredibly behind on my television or movie watching, which is why I’m here to talk about the television show Veep. I’m currently watching the second season, so no spoilers please :).

If you’re unaware, this show went off the air in 2019, after its seventh season, just as an indicator of how far behind I am on entertainment.

For a politics-themed comedy, being so far behind on watching it from when it was originally produced should probably mean a lot as to whether or not I can actually appreciate it, considering I’m watching a show about the politics of 2013. With everything that has happened in politics since that time, it really feels like this show should have aged. I guess this speaks to the brilliance of the writing of the show, as they don’t focus much on specific politics, although they spend a lot of time on filibuster reform, which is unsurprisingly still in the news today, but on the characters themselves and what it might look like if we got to see the actual incompetence surrounding a politician.

In short, I think this show is incredibly well done. Looking at the long list of awards this show has won over the years, I’m obviously not alone. But the characters they put together into the office of the vice president who are constantly battling against the press to make sure their candidate doesn’t look like a normal human who has foibles, well, it’s pretty amazing. These people don’t really like each other, but they all have the job of trying to keep the office of the VP sacred.

I could go on and on about specific performances from the different actors, or wax poetically about how one of the main actors is my childhood crush Anna Chlumsky, or simply just note the depths of which the writers will go to dredge up ridiculous scandals for this team of spin doctors to fight against. But the truth of the matter is that there isn’t any one thing which makes this show great. It’s just a fantastic piece which highlights how we expect our politicians to be perfect, while getting upset at the lengths to which they will deceive us to appear that way.

Also, we get to see how most of them are far from perfect and are, in fact, just the worst people on the planet, but luckily for the show, that’s not the main crew in this show. Mostly…


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