New Job, Who Dis?

Amidst all of the crazy that is my life right now, I decided to switch departments at the place I work and as of this week, have started an absolutely new job. While, of course, there’s always the standard new guy leeway that I expect to be occurring here, I’ve also started up a new term of school this week and, well, things are feeling a little more hectic than usual.

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Finding Calm

As I write this, I am sitting on the cusp of change. One job ending, another job beginning, two writing projects completed, with numerous opportunities for the next ones, a new school term, my children finally being able to be vaccinated, and honestly, there are all these things swirling around that for the past few months I have been feeling so impossibly overwhelmed by it all that I never felt as though I’d be able to get out from under it.

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A Scout is Helpful

I spent a couple days in the woods this past weekend with two of my kids as they camped out with the BSA (previously known as the Boy Scouts of America). We’ve been involved in Scouts (between Cub Scouts and BSA) for the past four years, with my middle child starting in first grade as a Tiger. And when we initially signed up, I groaned a little at the idea that we had joined an after school program which expected me to hang out while the kid did their thing.

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Communism: A Feudal Attempt at Equality

I recently completed writing my novel about an old man accidentally starting his own country. While the book is more of a folksy tale about how fate sometimes steps in and makes your actions more than you intend them to be, I put a lot of effort into the reality of attempting to start your own country/government. I haven’t spent a lot of time starting governments in my life, so I did a fair amount of research into modern theory on how one might go about the early days of starting a new country.

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The Brink

Since the relaunch of the blog space here, I’ve given you all the details on the reasons why I’ve been a bit more quiet over the past few years than I would have liked to be. Most of that had to do with having an incredibly busy life which meant that although there were plenty of benefits both professionally and creatively for having this space, I simply had to give up something and this ended up being it.

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Adam Oster 2: The Quest for More Money

Seven years ago today (as of when I am writing this), I received the first rejection from a literary agent for the last book I would try sending out to agents. This wasn’t my first rejection letter, and definitely wasn’t, but it might have been the final nail in the coffin for me thinking I should ever put myself in the path of being rejected by an agent ever again.

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My Battle with Nationalism

I remember struggling early on in life with the Pledge of Allegiance. Here I was in a private Christian school which spent a great portion of its time worshipping God and we would take a moment out of every day to do something which felt incredibly similar, but for a flag.

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Book Review: The Accusation: Forbidden Stories from Inside North Korea by Bandi

We have this adorable little independent book store in town that isn’t far from our old house that every Christmas my mother-in-law awesomely gives us gift cards for. Dotters is a well-curated little shop that does a fantastic job of highlighting books that I either forgot I wanted to read or was completely unaware of altogether.

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