New Job, Who Dis?

Amidst all of the crazy that is my life right now, I decided to switch departments at the place I work and as of this week, have started an absolutely new job. While, of course, there’s always the standard new guy leeway that I expect to be occurring here, I’ve also started up a new term of school this week and, well, things are feeling a little more hectic than usual.

That being said, there’s a lot of newness in my life right now. Obviously the new job and the new term of school, but I also completed two writing projects over the last month, meaning I’m now sitting in a situation where I have to determine which writing project to pick up next.

This is an exciting and terrifying moment for me. I have so many projects in the hopper that it tends to be difficult for me to determine which one I am willing to dedicate myself to for the next however long it takes me to complete it. Sure, I take breaks in between steps on a given project, but this decision right here will determine what the next few months of writing will look like for me.

And that’s where I’m at, folks. I’ve got a few stageplay ideas that I’ve been kicking around and have various levels of starting work completed on. I also have a couple of really epic book ideas that I’ve begun. And all of these are things that were big enough that I actually stopped while in mid progress on other projects to start the writing on. I’ve also got my kids chapter book series that I actually have most of a book written for. All this means is that I have a ton of things I want to be writing, but no clue on which one I can choose to be my favorite for right now.

Of course, I could just fool around with some flash fiction for a while as well instead and ignore all of those big projects for a while…


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