Planning Sucks

I live in this weird place between being a planner and being someone who absolutely wings it. This holds true in my writing as much as it does in my life. But within my life, those few times that I do actually get to the point where I plan ahead, it really freaking sucks when those plans just can’t seem to work out.

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The Heartbreak of Writing

I recently finished a book that I have spent the past six years writing. It started with a very different concept than it ended with, has gone through countless revisions, and is a book I’ve dedicated myself to making something far and above better in its writing than anything else I’ve written, even if no one else will ever read it.

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Musical Theatre is Hard Work

I have spent a lot of time on or around the stage over the years. However, although I don’t remember a time in which I didn’t love performing, it wasn’t until 2003 when I would find a group which would allow me to get on that stage and do so many crazy incredible things. It was then where I was irrevocably addicted to the stage and what all it meant.

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TV Review: Veep

In case I haven’t made it completely obvious prior to now, I’m incredibly behind on my television or movie watching, which is why I’m here to talk about the television show Veep. I’m currently watching the second season, so no spoilers please :).

If you’re unaware, this show went off the air in 2019, after its seventh season, just as an indicator of how far behind I am on entertainment.

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What Happens When You Return Something

In some locations in this country, you’ll find places which deal specifically with reselling items that have been returned to giant marketplaces like Amazon. There are all sorts of iterations of this business strategy. Some will sell the items at a discounted price, but still operate like a standard store, others use auctions to try and get the best price they can on their items. There’s a small franchise in South Carolina my family likes to go to where you can sift through giant bins of random items that have been return to online marketplaces and, depending on the day of the week you’re visiting, pay anywhere from $1-$5 for whatever you find. It’s like an exciting little treasure hunt where you dig through piles and piles of absolute (and sometimes literal) rubbish, hoping to find something cool.

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When the Cat’s Away…What do I do?

It doesn’t happen incredibly often, but every once in a while the stars align and my wife and kids all decide to go do something for a weekend while I’m stuck at home working. And while for some this might seem a sad affair, and to be sure, I hate missing out on doing things, there’s a great deal of excitement that comes from having a quiet house for a few days.

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The Reality of VR

Yeah, the image quality is bad, but that’s actually young me flying through Agrabah in the 90s.

I vividly remember the first time I experienced the majesty that is virtual reality. It was the early 90s and my family was in Florida visiting Disney World. We started at EPCOT, always my favorite, and decided quickly that we would skip the Magic Kingdom on the following day because of how much fun we were having exploring the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

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Book Review: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow

After enjoying a short story by Doctorow included in an anthology of cyberpunk stories I reviewed on here a few weeks ago, I decided to finally give his original novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, another go.

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New Job, Who Dis?

Amidst all of the crazy that is my life right now, I decided to switch departments at the place I work and as of this week, have started an absolutely new job. While, of course, there’s always the standard new guy leeway that I expect to be occurring here, I’ve also started up a new term of school this week and, well, things are feeling a little more hectic than usual.

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