When the Cat’s Away…What do I do?

It doesn’t happen incredibly often, but every once in a while the stars align and my wife and kids all decide to go do something for a weekend while I’m stuck at home working. And while for some this might seem a sad affair, and to be sure, I hate missing out on doing things, there’s a great deal of excitement that comes from having a quiet house for a few days.

And right now, I’m in the midst of a quiet weekend. They’re going to be back on Saturday, but yesterday, today, and tomorrow will be days where I will get to not have to deal with a bunch of folks wanting me to be anything. I can just exist. Yes, I have a pile of homework to get done and I really need to polish up this murder mystery script, and I’ll probably want to do a bit of work on figuring out what my new project of focus will be, but that’s part of the excitement. With the new job impending and now here, I’ve been so focused on work for the past few weeks that I haven’t even had a moment to really sit back and think about those things that I want to be thinking about.

So, that’s what the next few days are for. To get things done.

And, admittedly, I’ll probably get a bit of video game time in as well.

So, I’m not planning on wasting any more of my time here talking to you, I’m going to get stuff done. Maybe. Or, a nap might be nice.


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