The Actor I didn’t Realize I’d Miss

Ed Asner died this past week and although I’ve never really considered him an important part of my life or even an actor whose name I bring up in conversations about actors, or even someone whose breadth of work I think about outside of when I actually see him on the screen, his death has been sitting incredibly heavy with me.

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Colonel Hannibal Ain’t Got Nuthin’ on My Wife

Last week I let you all in on the little secret that I turned 40. You should feel special in being some of the few I readily reveal this type of information to. I’m not one to often like people knowing how I’m aging, but you made it into the small cabal of people in the know.

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Millions of Peaches

I live in Wisconsin, but I grew up in South Carolina. It’s also where my parents and sisters and their families all live. South Carolina is the 2nd largest producer of peaches in the country (Georgia is 3rd…California stole 1st from South Carolina a while back). Wisconsin is somewhere around the 50th.

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Film Review: The Suicide Squad (When the Squad gets More Suicidal)

I’m going to start out this review by saying that I don’t even know how to tell you about James Gunn’s reboot/sequel of the ill-received 2016 Suicide Squad film. While spoilers in film are nigh impossible to avoid, for some reason this film actually managed to do an amazing job of keeping us in the dark about what was going to happen. Like, there are so many brilliant things about this movie that I want to talk about, while caring about not giving you spoilers, that I simply can’t understand how my news feeds didn’t spoil it all immediately upon release of the film.

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Empathy vs. Apathy

Those of you out there who know me at all are probably aware that I consider myself politically apathetic. I use that phrase a lot as a way of defining myself although it’s not entirely accurate. But I use it because I feel it does the best job of describing how I don’t subscribe to a particular side of political discourse.

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