That One Time I Parented

With life being as busy as it has been lately, I’ve felt like more of a bad parent than I usually feel. Like, I’m not a terrible parent. I don’t beat my kids, I try to show them I love them and all that jazz, and really try to keep from emotionally scarring them for life. But…I’m also not always the most attentive parent. At least not of late.

So, this past weekend, when it was determined that I wasn’t needed at the bakery, possibly because of the fact that we really can’t handle having our two boys running around trying to kill each other while the business is open, I found myself feeling energetic enough to try to do something with them. And after a battle of what to have for breakfast and what to do with our day, it was determined that we would use all of my leftover computer parts to build them a new computer. Well, what was actually determined is that I would talk them through building a computer.

And we did. These two kids who have been struggling with their attention spans and ability to follow directions ever since the world shut down two years ago, worked hard to put this computer together, and outside of a few things in which I took over just because we were running low on time before we had to move on to other activities, they really did almost everything themselves. And we plugged the thing in and it booted up the first time. And they were really darn proud of themselves.

Of course, their patience dwindled heavily when they realized that we still needed to set up the computer’s software, and since we installed an old hard drive (which we might have to replace quickly), everything moved at a snail’s pace. But, the important part here is that we had a moment where the three of us, all before my daughter even woke up for the day, had a pleasant morning of dusting computer parts and piecing them all together to create a new machine. And even if they aren’t proud of their work that day, I sure as heck am.

And…I even managed to feel like a good parent for a bit. Or at least an okay one…


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