And on to the Job Hunt…

At this point, some of you definitely have to be wondering if I’ll ever get back to the point where I can focus this place onto the writing aspect of my life.

And the answer is…God I hope so.

But, now that I’m nearing that point in which graduation is (hopefully) here (I actually just received notice that I have officially been approved for graduation, so I guess I should finally stop fretty about all of that), there’s a whole other new thing I have to focus on…the job hunt.

I don’t want to make too big of a deal of this, as job hunting is boring as heck, but seeing as I spend a lot of time here telling you folks about all the things that are keeping me from getting back into a healthy writing routine, today I offer you the absolutely new item of looking for jobs. And getting ready to look for jobs.

I’ve always been pretty bad at this process. Like, I’ll start all excitedly by getting my resume ready and start hunting out all the cool places I’d love to work for, places that are doing amazing things, places that can make me feel as though I might actually be doing something with my career, as opposed to taking a job at yet another place which seems much more interested in filling hiring quotas than they are actually aware of the needs in their businesses. That’s not to say that I haven’t had the opportunity to do some really cool things in those positions. I’ve had countless times where I’ve been put in a place where they had no clue of what to do with me, and in, mostly an act of boredom, I’ve ended up starting a process which has created entirely new teams. And that’s fun.

But, I think this time, I’d really like to find some place that already has something of a goal for me. That’s not to say I don’t want to be on a new team, because I like being able to develop a team into something amazing. In fact, I’ve found that I tend to be far more useful in developing new teams than I am in getting involved in existing teams, because it can sometimes be difficult to have those existing teams actually bring you into the things that are happening, and you spend far too much time twiddling your thumbs waiting for things to happen than you actually do anything.

But to have a goal would be nice. Like, even if it’s something like, “We want to figure out what our customers would like us to be doing better, but don’t want to talk to them, we just want to look at the data and see if we can determine it.” I like those kinds of problems. The problems that don’t seem like they have an answer, but then I get to go out there and find it.

One of my proudest moments as an employee was when I was given a task that they told me was absolutely impossible and that they expected me to fail, but they wanted me to mull it over for a bit and see what I could do. They even created an entirely new position around the idea of me working through this problem and having to spend some time on it for at least a year. I had the answer in a week, including a tool that would help them implement the answer, and it was lean and amazing and really caused a drastic impact on the business. Well, it would have, if they hadn’t already lost interest in the issue by the time a week later I rolled out my amazing tool.

Because business is kinda fickle. But I like being the guy who can see those issues and come up with solutions, and develop those solutions. It’s what I’ve built my non-writing career on, and it’s what I know that this degree makes me that much more suited for, even if most of the schooling I went through to get the degree just pushed me through the things I already was doing in my day to day.

So, that’s where I’m at right now, somewhat excitedly getting the things together, looking at the businesses I’d like to be a part of, and slowly getting myself out there.

Before the absolute drudgery of applying for my 100th job and still not hearing anything back because so many of these places end up on hiring freezes before they can actually get anyone at their desks.

But I’m hopeful.

For now at least.


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