Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads, but Maybe Anxiety Meds?

As we are now in the first week of 2022, it’s easy for most of us to start looking toward the future. For those of us who have a big year in store, like for me, finishing school, releasing a new book, production of a new play I wrote, and a few things I can’t actually reveal on here yet, there’s a lot to look forward to.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Since I talked earlier this week about how New Year’s resolutions can be triggering at the start of a new year when you realize how far you are from the goal you set for yourself 365 days prior, I thought I’d talk a little bit more about resolutions in general.

I don’t typically do them.

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Murder Mystery Update

Hey folks!

You may or may not be aware that over the past couple of years, I’ve added writing plays into my repertoire. And while I’ve love to tell you that I’ve been writing the next big thing that will some day grace the stages of Broadway, the truth is that I’ve actually just been writing these goofy little dinner theatre style murder mysteries. You may be familiar with the style of show. Tony and Tina’s Wedding was a big example of this type of performance a number of years ago that theatre groups all over the country were raving about, although it’s a script that has very little substance and a ton of goofy improv.

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Have you Checked on your Mental Health Lately?

As we’re in the thick of the holiday season right now, I figured I should take a moment to discuss all those terrible things too many of us go through during this period of the year. Because, look, mental health is a serious thing we all need to be concerned about, and it’s simply not something we talk about nearly enough. In fact, until very recently, it was incredibly taboo to even think about, much less have open and honest conversations regarding.

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Putting the X Back in Christmas

Since I’ve somehow found myself spending most of last week talking about the Christmas season, it feels like I should probably spend a second or two talking about the whole “reason for the season” aspect of it all, even if we’re already outside of the actual Christmas week thing.

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Christmas Eve…

Christmas Eve…

What to write about Christmas Eve…

So, yeah, it’s the day before Christmas. And, well, that means that while you’re reading this, I’m frantically trying to find a way to stop having to clean and help prep for the party we’re throwing at our house tonight in order to hide outside for the majority of a party with my in-laws that involves a lot of yelling because there’s far too many children and at least one deaf person in the house.

It gets loud.

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Get to the Doll, Jamie!

As we get closer and closer to the big day where the tree is finally so flammable due to forgetting to keep it watered that we have to finally take all the presents out from under it and remove the paper from the house so we can sleep a little easier when we put the hot lights back on, I know we’re all thinking about one thing. The brilliance of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s second greatest film, Jingle all the Way.

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The End of Magic

While I’ve never been one to personally push the Santa myth or any of the similar myths like Tooth Fairies or Easter Bunnies, I’ve also never been one to shoot them down. In general, I’m not one to want to shoot down people talking about magic for most things, unless it’s, you know, actually dangerous for them to think that way, like, for instance, with magical horse de-wormer.

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How I REALLY Feel About Christmas

Hey, Christmas is here, folks, and in Wisconsin, we’ve had quite the bout of weather to prepare us for it. Not only did we end up getting dumped on with snow just a few days ago, but then shortly afterward, we had a day of 57 degree weather, followed immediately thereafter with 55 mph winds, and devastating tornadoes for surrounding areas. And that was just over the course of a few days. When we talk about it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, here in Wisconsin, that could mean anything when it comes to the weather.

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