Christmas Eve…

Christmas Eve…

What to write about Christmas Eve…

So, yeah, it’s the day before Christmas. And, well, that means that while you’re reading this, I’m frantically trying to find a way to stop having to clean and help prep for the party we’re throwing at our house tonight in order to hide outside for the majority of a party with my in-laws that involves a lot of yelling because there’s far too many children and at least one deaf person in the house.

It gets loud.

And so, I sit outside, by a fire that is rarely warm enough, talking about the latest superhero movie with my brother-in-law, knowing that at any second I’ll be called to duty to take care of something inside. Probably a full-on brawl between some of the children.

And this has been my Christmas Eve for the past ten-plus years.

Which is a far cry different from the Christmas Eves of my youth, which were more about getting to the Christmas Eve Program, standing, speaking, sitting, standing, singing, sitting, stop moving so much Adam, standing, singing, walking out the door to grab a paper bag filled with ribbon candy, peanuts, and an orange, before trying to rush my parents to stop their talking so we can get home and open all our presents.

Honestly, I guess there’s still a lot of similarity.

But now I get to drink beer…so that’s something. And something I’m probably already in the midst of doing as you’re reading this…

Happy Christmas Eve, everybody. And Merry Christmas.

I hope you get some good books under the tree this year.


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