The Power of Art

For the past couple of years, I’ve been struggling with finding time to work on my artistic pursuits. For a while there I was actually able to dig in deep, getting back into playing music, drawing, and really trying to do some incredibly new things with writing. And then I started school, and I found those things having to fall by the wayside more and more until the recent months have found me having almost no time for creative outlets as I rush to the finish line for school.

And then, I found myself performing in a show that took all my mental energy. Putting my all into a character that, although in a lot of ways was like me, was far enough separated from me that I really felt as though I was drowning in creative energy.

I honestly believe that this is part of the reason I’ve been doing so well in rocking through these last few classes of school, because I’m still dripping wet with creativity.

But the further removed I get from that, and the more I’ve put into simply finishing school, meaning I’ve had almost no creative outlets since that last performance, the more I find my overall energy levels waning. Where even yesterday I felt as though I could conquer the world, I woke up this morning feeling absolutely drained and ready to throw in the towel.

I often overlook the power of creativity, even though I preach it to anyone who will listen. My kids, who are incredibly imaginative little monsters have heard me talk often about finding ways to use the creative side of their brains, even if it might take too much effort, simply because I believe that it is important for your mental health to keep it active in new and exciting ways. My eldest is currently writing her first book, having over 17,000 words written in her first draft and excitedly telling me about how the process is going and how happy she has been to just sit and write for hours on end.

On writing days, her attitude is amazing, especially considering the attitude of a 12-year-old that I get on the non-writing days.

So, I guess what I’m saying here is a two-fold message.

  1. I really really wish I had more time right now for my creative pursuits and I’m incredibly excited about the idea that I’ll be done with school in the very near future (like, maybe in a week if I can manage to keep up the pace I’ve already set for myself) and finally having some free time to get creative (after a few extra long naps of course).
  2. Get your ass creating. It doesn’t have to be anything massively artistic. It could be anything from as detailed as writing a book to coloring in a coloring book. Something which allows you to make some decisions that ultimately don’t matter, but are entirely about your own expression. There’s a freedom in creation. It’s a time in which you literally control everything that happens (well, most of the time) and it doesn’t have to matter what the final outcome is. It’s just you being the most you you can be. And that’s incredibly healthy.

Also…did I mention how excited I am about finally being done with school yet?


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