Flash Fiction: The Last Man on Earth

The man walked down the empty street, listening to the sound of his footsteps and the dragging of his suitcase’s wheels as they echoed. It felt like ages since these streets had last been filled with the pollution of noise from cars and people and businesses. He’d like to say he missed it, but he knew that to be a lie. Although he was alone, he found the silence comforting. It was as though he had become a part of something far greater than himself. No longer was the world happening around him. Now he could hear himself and know the world heard him as well.

He heard a crow cawing in the distanced and wondered if it had found something to eat. He had never spent so much time thinking about food before. In the before times, he was considered something of a foodie, which was just a term he liked to use to hide how he was an overindulgent eater. But he didn’t miss it. Being a foodie was a fun way to pass the time in the before times, but it was never important to him. At this point, he’d simply be happy if he could find anything more to eat than SPAM. Something about that sticky pink meat made his stomach turn. The disgusting shlump it made as it fell out of the can definitely didn’t help anything.

The man dragged his rolling suitcase behind him. The suitcase contained all he had left in this world and he didn’t know whether it was even worth keeping. For months he had dragged the suitcase behind him, hoping he’d find some place he’d finally decide would be worth settling down. Some place where there might be some other person to spend the rest of his days on the empty planet with.

So far, all he’d found were the crows. And they seemed to only be interested in him when he was eating.

The sun was setting behind the monstrous buildings and the man decided it would be best to find a place to settle in for the night. He spied a parking garage nearby and walked to it, noting a large barrel nearby that he could use to keep warm. He opened his suitcase, and pulled out one of the books from inside, stopping briefly to inspect his face staring back at him from the back cover, before ripping out the pages of the book and tossing them into the bottom of the barrel.

He laughed as he realized how he had finally achieved his greatest dream. His book was currently the most popular book on the planet.


Published by Adam Oster, Adventure Novelist

Husband, Father, Creator/Destroyer of Worlds

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