Why do I Write?

As someone who has a fulltime job, is going to school, and tries to be a slightly better than average parent to his children and an okay husband for his wife, I tend to find myself rather overwhelmed when it comes to my life. And honestly, although I already have a hyper-busy life, the one thing that tends to be the biggest struggle to fit into my already crazy days is writing.

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Are You My Mothers?

Not that long ago, while I was at a scouting event, one of the ladies helping serve the food at the event kept handing me Rice Krispies treats whenever I would walk past her. I certainly asked for the first one, because who doesn’t want a Rice Krispies treat, but I ended up with four before all was said and done. While discussing this phenomena with one of my scout parent friends, she asked me why I didn’t just say no to getting more (I’m guessing she assumed that I wouldn’t want four Rice Krispies treats for some reason?) and my response was to joke that I just assume everyone wants to be my mother and I couldn’t let her down.

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Introducing my Kids to my Art

As an artist of things that aren’t exactly the most young-one-friendly, I’ve spent a large portion of my time telling my kids excitedly what it feels like to be an artist, while also holding them at an arms-length from the stuff I write. Yeah, I have that chapter book I wrote a few years back that I still haven’t figured out what to do with that they enjoyed, and sure, they’ve gotten to read little things here and there, but mostly, I just didn’t see my books as being something they’ve even get interested in, beyond the appropriateness of the content.

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Nobody Cares about Santa

I think I’ve mentioned to you all about how I’ve happened to find myself performing in a show again (in fact, I just talked at length about it on Monday). Well, as of the time you read this, the performances have already happened, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about just how weird of an experience for me this one has been.

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Book Review: The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

Did you know that French fiction is almost like its own genre of books? I mean, now that I write that sentence, it doesn’t feel all that strange of a thing, but before I read The Elegance of the Hedgehog, I didn’t realize that the French have such a foreign way of writing fiction to what I’ve become accustomed to. It’s not like this is the first translated book I’ve ever read. I’ve read plenty of German translations, a couple of Japanese, and even a North Korean, but for whatever reason, The Elegance of the Hedgehog is one of the most foreign feeling books I’ve ever read.

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The Community of Community Theatre

As I work through all of the emotions of the past few weeks of being involved in a show at the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre, I’ve begun thinking about what the Community part of Community Theatre really means. And I didn’t really get this feeling until I found myself unintentionally being a part of strike for the show until 1am yesterday morning.

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Flash Fiction: Alternatives

Jackson Block was a stay-at-home father, who had long wondered what his life would be like should he have continued working after he and his husband decided to have kids. While he didn’t regret giving up his career on most days, as he found the time spent with their three children some of the best days of his life, he still couldn’t help but think of the alternative versions of himself living out their lives in other universes.

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Living in the Simulation

A few months ago, in response to the trailer for The Matrix 4 being released, I finally convinced my kids to watch the original 1999 film, The Matrix, and introduced them to the idea of living inside a simulation. Considering I was exiting high school when this film came out, seeing this movie through the eyes of my much younger kids was incredibly interesting to me. Where I had some idea of what was going on the first time I watched it (although, admittedly, came out of the theater still having plenty of questions), my kids spent the first half hour of the film trying to figure it out. And they still had far more questions after.

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How to Manage Projects

As an Information Science and Technology major, it turns out a big part of what is expected to be learned is the skill of project management. As someone who has spent a lot of time managing projects, I honestly felt as though this was a ridiculous thing for anyone to expect me to learn. I mean, sure, I knew there were concepts that I wasn’t using, because I don’t exactly follow any sort of rules for project management, but I really just assumed it would mostly entail the simple basics of thinking and then doing. Things I do normally, but, you know, with a few more rules set around them.

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Magic: The Gathering (of all my money to someone else)

When I first arrived at high school, I was nearly immediately introduced to a relatively new game called Magic: the Gathering. This little game of wizards dueling with magic, all through the use of cards, latched on to my brain (and my wallet) as soon as I saw it and I knew I needed to have all of the everything I could for this game possible. For the next few weeks, I would spend every single cent I had on getting more cards. I would constantly ask for rides to the comic book shop that had these cards just so I could spend all my money on them and completely ignore the plethora of comic books filling the walls of this small space. I was hooked.

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