Spr-inter in Wisconsin

Well, it’s Sprinter in Wisconsin. That means we can go from sub-zero temperatures with the wind chill to balmy 60 degree days in the course of 12 hours. That means that although yesterday I was outside without a jacket, today snow is filling the air.

Wisconsin is ridiculous. I remember first telling people about how much I disliked Wisconsin weather compared to my home state of South Carolina’s, and the response was always that the people here preferred to have 4 seasons instead of what they told me was only two in SC. And they’re right. We do have four seasons here in Wisconsin, sometimes all in one day.

Early spring weather in Wisconsin is always unexpected. You never really know what’s going to happen next. This morning I was driving with the windows down, enjoying the fresh warm air, and an hour later I was brushing the snow off my car before skidding through a stop sign because of the bad roads.

Of course, the question now is, have I changed my tune? Do I now, after being here for over 20 years, prefer the weather of Wisconsin over the weather of South Carolina?

And the answer is still no.

Sure, I can appreciate the ability to go sledding and ice skating, and there’s nothing quiet like the odd silence that fills the air during a heavy snowfall. But then, there’s also all the snow removal that comes along with it, the icy walkways, the need to bundle up in multiple layers just to walk outside for a second, and the constant checking of weather reports to know if your upcoming activities will need to be cancelled.

I’ll admit, it’s really just winter in Wisconsin I take particular issue with. But, the problem is, winter in Wisconsin can be upwards to six months long. And even if spring does come early, that’s often a fake-out, which is often followed by super-winter, where the snow and the cold are twice as bad as they were during the actual winter.

And so, right now, we’re a week out from the official start of spring, and I’m going to have to get the snowblower out tonight. And I hate it.

And I’m not alone. My kids have recently taken to talking about summer almost every day. Not because they want to be out of school, but because they’re excited for warmth and the pool and riding bikes. Because no matter what things there might be to do during the winter, the reality is, they simply don’t compare to being outside on a sunny day, enjoying being warm…even if it’s a little too hot for comfort.


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