So Close…

Oh crap, another school-related post!

I am 8 days away from the end of my term, meaning 8 days away from being a graduate, meaning 8 days until I can stop checking my school email on the regular to see if my grades have all come in (I’m down to three left). And I’m also approximately 20 days past submitted my final assignment.

And I just got an assignment back asking for additional work to be done.

Now, I’m not going to claim that what I submitted was my best work. Considering this was the last assignment I submitted during my flurry of effort to try to get work done before we bought a bakery, I can admit that I may have worked through it a little quicker than I probably should. And the fact that I have the opportunity to resubmit as opposed to getting a failing grade and therefore having to tack on an extra term of school just to redo this one class is also something I am very happy for (because of the way this school works, any assignment that is considered less than a B is considered a failing grade for the whole class). But…I really don’t want to do any more school work.

Like, I was incredibly happy when I finished to be able to consider myself as being done. Sure, I had this dark cloud hanging over me for the past month where I fully expected something like this to happen, and therefore haven’t actually allowed myself to feel comfortable with the idea that school was over, but I was just starting to get over that, starting to feel as though maybe I could relax a little, starting to feel, well, done.

And now, here I am, within a second of getting the notification that this grade came through, feeling all that weight of the world once again. I’m quite literally ready to just throw in the towel over one grade, where I really just have to write a wall of text to justify things that I simply didn’t give enough text to justify (like, I don’t even need to do a better job of justifying, just have to write more).

I’m going to do it. I’m going to get it done, but, I feel a lot like a whiny little toddler just crying “But I don’t wanna!”.

School might really just bring out the worst in me. Here’s hoping 8 days from now I’ll actually be in a place where I finally feel absolutely done, because I’m really tired of thinking about school.


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