Living in a Post-COVID World

So, as you may be aware, my wife and one of my children came down with the novel coronavirus that we’ve all been hearing about for the past two years.

You may also be aware that I’ve long held the thought that I’d rather just get sick with it and get it done with so I can at least have a brief period of feeling secure in the idea that I can go around in the world and not be infecting everyone after the infection runs its course.

And…you may also be aware that although the sickness was in my house, I did not get sick.

Neither did 2/3rds of my children.

There is this weird thing out there where there are certain people who simply don’t get COVID. There was an experiment recently which actually directly infected people with COVID and they found that nearly half of those people who were given the virus, did not actually become infected. Meaning, there are people who may quite literally be immune to COVID.


And maybe, just maybe, me and 2/3rds of my children fall into that boat.


But there is much stronger evidence to suggest that for approximately 30-45 days (possibly up to 17 months) after getting COVID, you have what’s called super immunity against getting sick again.

This is less of a maybe and far more of a probably.

Which means that my wife and son are both in this place where they can pretty confidently go out into the world for the next month or so and live as though COVID isn’t really a thing. They’ll obviously still be cautious, but, well, they don’t exactly need to be.

And here’s the big point, folks. For the last 2 years, all we’ve wanted to do is to travel. We’ve cancelled two big trips because of this pandemic and our wanderlust is huge. And now, two out of the five of us have a month in which travel is really an option. And I’m not one of those two. And I’m really disappointed.

But, I have been suggesting to my wife that she should find some tropical location with pool boys now that she’s got the super protection. I’m not sure how I’ll feel if she actually follows through on that suggestion, however.


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