Flash Fiction: The Island in the Sun

Derrick slowly sipped his brightly colored drink, watching from above as the red color drained from the crushed ice while more and more of the beverage slid down his throat. He sighed gleefully at the light burn of the rum on the back of his tongue.

Sitting in his position at the pool-side bar, half covered in water, he watched the bartender make a couple of white slushy drinks, which he guessed to be pina coladas, and determined what his next order would entail. He could already taste the creamy coconut flavor, even while he finished his strawberry daquiri.

This was what it was all about: The frou-frou drinks that only felt confident enough to order in a place like this all-inclusive Mexican resort. It was really probably the main reason he came to this place. While he liked to think of himself as being secure in his sexuality, he also knew that back home in Wisconsin, being seen with anything so bright and which smells so sweetly, would cause him to instantly face a barrage of insults from his friends at the other end of the bar.

Besides it was currently well-below freezing temperature back home, hardly a time for frozen drinks, unless he were to try to sneak in a grasshopper when no one was looking.

But here, the sun was bright, the drinks were cold, and the women were wearing barely anything. Coming from the frigid Wisconsin weather, where the women all wore layers upon layers in order to keep themselves warm, turning the hourglass figures into something more akin to a penguin, seeing this much skin on a woman felt like seeing them naked.

He was in paradise.

It was so great that he was almost able to convince himself he wasn’t daydreaming.

But then his phone beeped at him, reminding him of his 10am meeting, leading him to close the browser window where he had been shopping for a vacation he knew he could never take. He adjusted the space heater by his feet, leaned back in his chair, and sighed once more.

It might not have been real, but it certainly felt that way, if only for a moment.


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