Here Comes The Sun

We’ve officially made it past the shortest day of the year (you know, ~2 weeks ago), and in Wisconsin, that means that we’re currently making our way through the coldest days of the year as we wait for the sun to actually come back, even if our days are a little bit longer than they were yesterday.

But for someone who suffers from some pretty severe mental issues when the sun goes away, these days just aren’t freaking long enough. We’re only a little into January and I’m already longing for the sun, for the warmth, for being outside. Sure, I get outside from time to time, but it’s so cold that I just can’t enjoy it. I was outside for an hour and a half just the other day, but it was because I had to get all the snow off my driveway, walks, and deck.

I need to find the warmth!

Okay, so, yeah, I obviously shouldn’t be in Wisconsin, but I’m here and I don’t have much for options until my kids and wife move out. So, I have to find some way to deal with the fact that we have no sun for months on end.

I’d like to say that I’ve come up with something good, but the truth is, I haven’t.

I’ve gotten one of those little sun lights that are supposed to help with giving you the feelings of a good old dose of UV-infused Vitamin D…but it really doesn’t feel like it gets me there. I like to try to fit in a trip to somewhere sunny during the cold months, but, well, with the whole pandemic thing, not to mention being busy with school and work, it looks like that’s not exactly an option right now either.

So…I sit here in my basement office, on top of my little space heater, thinking of the days in which the warm will come back.

And they aren’t nearly soon enough, folks.

Not at all…

So, if you find me, just know that I’m thinking of far warmer places for the next couple months. And also checking last minute flight prices to anywhere warmer.


Published by Adam Oster, Adventure Novelist

Husband, Father, Creator/Destroyer of Worlds

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