New Year, who dis?

Holy crap, it’s 2022 already!

Like, for serious, I’m still feeling as though I’m way back in 2019, back before the time of the end times, when we were just moving into our new house and feeling all the joy of what the world could bring. When I was just starting school again and feeling all the stress of finally working toward a degree again. When I was performing in my first show on stage in years and thinking about all the people I could meet again.

When the world felt new and fresh and full of opportunities.

And it feels like the world has kinda stopped ever since then. Like, for the past two years, I’ve been spinning my wheels to get all these things done and things have certainly moved forward in all those ways that I was expecting back when we made the big change to move off the farm and back into the city.

If I’m being completely honest, this whole pandemic thing has probably has the weird effect on my life in that it’s just put me even more in focus on the school thing than I had expected to be, in a way I hadn’t realized I would need to be. Although those first terms felt easy, the past few terms have felt like I’ve been crossing the finish line right at the last second every time. And while I’m getting closer (six months left!), I’m still feeling in this weird purgatory of life because of it. Like life is somehow on pause until I finish it, with school taking this unfortunate priority in my life. While life is already still somewhat on hold as we wait for this crazy pandemic to finally become something less.

And so, as I look forward to the new year, I’m actually more thinking of the same possibilities I was thinking of two years ago, under far different circumstances. And getting a little eager to finally be able to consider myself on to the next phase of life again.

Also, I’ve got a book coming out. So, that’s pretty sweet, right?


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