My Thoughts about Mondays

Probably my most unpopular opinion is my attitude toward Mondays. There’s a part of me that actually likes them. That statement really undersells it. Mondays might be my favorite part of the week.

Don’t get me wrong, before I had kids and while I still had to work in the office, Mondays were the worst. The whole idea of coming off from a weekend of doing whatever the heck I wanted to getting dressed into something uncomfortable and putting on a friendly face to sit somewhere I didn’t want to be for 8+ hours was not my thing.

But I work from home.

And having kids means that my weekends are exhausting noisy affairs where I have to constantly come up with new ways to amuse my children without allowing them to sit in front of a TV all day because that will lead to explosions of crazy from a couple of boys who can’t contain their boundless energy.

Which means that Mondays for me, right now, especially Monday mornings, are this lovely little quiet time where I can slowly read through some emails, see what the world has been up to since I last checked in, and enjoy a coffee without someone bouncing around trying to spill it all over me. Where I used to be able to consider my Saturdays and Sundays the relaxing part of my week, I think Monday morning is actually the one moment in my week where the world feels almost peaceful.

While I miss those lazy Saturday mornings where I could sleep in, instead of being woken up as soon as the sun starts shining because of a couple of boys who simply can’t get enough enjoyment out of life, I’m glad to know I still have that little moment of peace to myself to enjoy yet.

And, oddly enough, those moments are Mondays.

Sorry Garfield. You and I aren’t on the same page about this any longer.

But I still love lasagna.


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Husband, Father, Creator/Destroyer of Worlds

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