The Capstone

I’m getting really close to finishing school, ya’ll. Like, if I can push through a couple extra classes than I usually do, I could actually be done with school by the end of June 2022. And while another 7 months of school sounds exhausting, there’s a part of me who sees that finish line and just wants to sprint to cross it.

Like I have the time for that…

But, right now, I’m working on my capstone project, a little website I have to build which works basically as a full retail system for a movie rental business (so, you know, the type of thing that’s really forward thinking, considering the future of that business model). I’ve been typing away in the corners of my hours trying to get this site developed and, well, it’s coming across quite well. And the coding of the site has been a lot of fun, actually, even if I’ve historically avoided making websites throughout most of my life, which having the necessary skillset for approximately thirty years now.

Over the past five years, I’ve really dedicated myself to learning how to code for computers, teaching myself a number of languages and constantly working to learn more as I can and as time allows, and coding seems to have that almost perfect collision of the creative and math. There aren’t a lot of situations in which that can be considered true. But when coding something, you really have to plot out the user experience right away from the start, determining the story the user will go through as they make their way through your program, while also having numerous math puzzles to solve in order to actually craft the program. It’s kinda perfect for me.

Sure, it’s not nearly as fun as writing an action sequence set in an exotic location, but it hits a lot of those same sweet spots while also allowing me to use the more technical side of my brain.

I guess this is a longwinded way of saying that although I haven’t had much time for creative writing for the past few weeks as I’ve been deep in the world of my capstone, I’ve still felt as though those creative processes in my brain have had plenty of opportunity to work, and I’m pretty darn happy with that…even if I’m super excited about being done with school in general.

The end…I guess. I don’t really know that I had a point. Forgive me, I haven’t been sleeping much lately. School sucks.


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