Bare Arms against Imperialism

Okay, I’m going to make things simple for you…get vaccinated.

The end.

Not enough? Sheesh, really?

Look, vaccines have been saving us from all of the most deadly and dangerous diseases for nearly forever now. They are awesome. They are a miracle of medical science. And they are, by all accounts, the only way we are ever going to get back to some sort of normal around here.

And yet here you are thinking, well, but I’ll be alright without the vaccine.

You know what? Yeah, maybe you will. You could get it, maybe get quite ill, and from what I’ve heard, explode out of your backend for a week or so, and then pop back up with some minor issues going forward. And thanks to the awesomeness of medical science (that same medical science you’re ignoring when it comes to the vaccine), you more than likely won’t die.

But that doesn’t stop you from being a little virus factory.

You do realize that, right? These viruses, they love hopping from human to human, growing their numbers, maybe mutating a little bit to be stronger, before hopping into the next body. This is how they work. They want to live and they thrive in our little unvaccinated bodies. They thrive so much that they can then finally become strong enough to hope into someone else’s body while our body finally realizes there’s a problem and starts to fight it off.

But you know what the vaccine does? It tells our body to watch out for this virus. It says, hey, if you see this stuff come around here, kick it out and kick it out quickly. Is it possible you’ll still get sick while being vaccinated? Yes. It’s possible your body just didn’t get enough training from the vaccine to know how to identify this stuff, or the virus mutated enough in someone else’s body that your body just doesn’t recognize it as being the thing it’s watching out for.

But the point is, in most cases, your body becomes a little bug zapper for the virus. Some sick person sneezes on you and the virus comes in your body thinking it’s got a nice new home to move into and start a family with five million little children (because viruses are Catholic), but since you’re vaccinated, your body kills it before it can unpack the coffee maker.

You become stronger, whereas if your body has to wait until it realizes the dangers of the virus on its own (because you’re unvaccinated and you haven’t taught your bodies the dangers of this particular virus), your body literally becomes weaker.

And when you’re stronger and able to fight off the virus, there’s simply less virus to go around. And the more of us who are stronger and able to fight off the virus, the less likely that virus is going to even get strong enough in our bodies to be passed off to other people.

And when the virus can’t be passed off onto other people, we win.

The vaccine is like a gun and the virus is like the British royalty. We have been given the right to bear arms to keep the royalty from taking quarter in our homes. So freaking use them. Bare your arm and get the shot and defeat the imperialist virus already.

Because I’m getting really freaking sick of having to cancel vacation plans simply because we’re still in the same place we were a year ago, after being so dang close to actually beating this thing.

Get vaccinated, and when necessary, wear a mask.

Defeat Viral Imperialism by Baring Arms.

Then end.


Published by Adam Oster, Adventure Novelist

Husband, Father, Creator/Destroyer of Worlds

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