The Many Iterations of Buddy

When I was working on The Legend of Buddy Hero, I knew I suffered from an inability to do much in the way of eye catching design, but I also knew that I didn’t have much money to throw at folks who did have the powers.  And like every author with a working knowledge of Photoshop, I took to the computer and put together a plethora of cover options for myself…all feeling lacking somehow, until I finally come to the point of requesting help from the amazing Amanda Obenhoffer…and, of course, paying her some cash as well.

However, it seems that the special features here on the site would be a perfect place to showcase the many items I put together under the pretense of using them to sell a book.  Who knows…maybe they’ll serve as a great portfolio for someone who would like me to make a cover for them 😉

Here you go:

And you know what?  There were even more than these.  I couldn’t find them in my hunt today, but I know there was at least one more cover I crafted.

Of course…the moment I received my first options to choose from after tasking Amanda with the job, I knew I had made a great decision.  Here are the first draft mock ups she sent me, for comparison:

I think it’s obvious to see that I made a good choice.  Definitely the reason I keep going back.

Have fun out there!


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