Special Features

Special Features:

Dominion of Evil (Prequel to The Legend of Buddy Hero)

The Many Iterations of Buddy



Special Features for Books?
Yeah, you know, like those things on DVDs that people like to read.  This could be all sorts of things, deleted scenes, behind the scenes info, interviews…maybe even commentary?  But mostly will involve little side stories to my books.  These aren’t meant to be stand alone items, they’re definitely things you’ll want to have read the main piece on first.  And they won’t be brilliant.  Just fun little additional bits that might help you learn more about these worlds I’ve developed.

Where are they?
Well, these aren’t exactly easy to produce, so they’ll come about slowly.  My aim is to try to get one together once a month, but I’m not making any promises.  They’ll come about…they might come about slowly.


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