Favorite Artists

Ken Mooney – While his fiction works in Godhead and its sequel are definite must reads, his personal tale of having his head cut open and all the action that lead up to and followed it, in The Astrocytoma Diaries, still haunts me.

Karen EisenbreySt. Rage is a book that marks nearly everything I want to be able to do with a book.  And that was Karen’s debut novel.  Seriously, give it a read.  And then check out Daughter of Magic for some additional fun.  Karen feels like she has her finger on the pulse of the introverted, while also giving those introverts a true voice to be proud of.

Angelika Rust – Quite possibly my favorite author writing today, definitely my favorite in the indie books market.  Girl on the Red Pillow or You Used to Hurry Home are two of my must-reads that keep being stolen off my shelf whenever I pick up a hard copy.

Ben Hinz/Dwarfcraft Devices – Not only is this guy known across the globe for his amazing effects pedals, his music is pretty damned awesome as well.

Hilke Kurzke – Visual artist in a ton of different mediums.  I’m particularly fond of her miniatures.

Jesamine James – Author and Etsy artist.  I absolutely loved Janine, Eggs, and Lemons!

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