Essays, Short Stories and More

Short Stories

Girl of My Dreams – A Saga of Failure – A (mostly) true short story of the author’s attempts to find love.  Originally featured in Hearts and Other Dead Things from Cake and Quill.  Editor’s Favorite.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia – Admittedly one of my weirder writing experiments.  Originally featured in Gifts from the Dark: A Miscellany of Dread from Cake and Quill, this was my attempt to write something that met the idea of fear, while ultimately keeping to an incredibly ridiculous premise.

The Farmer and Adelle – A ridiculous tale looking into how the animals on a farm react to the mysterious disappearance of the farmer’s wife.  Originally featured in Paws and Claws from Cake and Quill.



The Day the World Stopped… – My personal musings on the future of the COVID-19 pandemic at the onset of suggested self-isolation.

Standing With Those Who Kneel – An essay reflecting on the religion of nationalism in light of the condemnations of Colin Kaepernick and others as they kneel during the National Anthem.


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