The Long Chron – Online Edition – Chapter Thirty-One

Molly takes off after only a couple failed starts and I quickly find myself at a full gallop, heading toward the stables.  I might not have much of a plan, but I’m hoping what I do have will be enough to convince Lance to play along.

The sun’s already getting pretty low in the sky.  I hope I can make this all play out before it gets dark.  I don’t know much about The Wizard’s patterns, but the picture in the book looks an awful lot like it happened during the daytime.

I finally make it to the field and see a large stable-looking building on the far side.  I push Molly fast to the end, hoping she understands to stop when we get over there.

As we near, I see Lance come outside, a big grin on his face.

“Hup,” I yell.  Molly stops just in front of Lance, who comes to my side and helps me down from my perch.

“I hadn’ta expected you t’come quite so early there, Chelle.”

“Things changed, Lance.  You might say everything’s changed.”

“What’s that, darling?”

“The Wizard, he killed Agnes and Geoffrey.”

“Aye, I had heard he had sent the brute squad out looking for a coupla fugitives.”

“Yeah, well, the couple of fugitives are me and Griff.”

“I had figgered tha’ much as well, my sweet.”

“Right.  Well, look.  I think I know how to stop him.  At least I’m pretty sure.” I take my bag off my back and work to pull out the big book I had borrowed from Geoffrey.

“D’ya need somethin’ from me, Chelle?”

“I need you to get The Wizard out in the open,” I say, paging through the book as I sit on the ground with it in front of me.

“Ah, I dunna think that will happen there, darlin’.  Tha Wizard dunna come outside, except for his daily appearances outside the cathedral.  Speakin’ a which, he dinna have one o’ those t’day.”

“He’ll come out for me and Griff.”

“I dunna think I understand.”

“I want you to give us up.  Go find The Wizard and tell him you had a couple of strangers stop by the stables looking to steal a horse.  Make sure you mention how you noticed I was wearing a spherical pendant, like the one he has, and thought we might have stolen it from him.”

“I dunna think I can get an audience with The Wizard, Chelle.”

“Trust me. If you tell him you’ve found us, you’ll get his attention.”

“You realize he’ll bring down the entire brute squad and whatever other forces he can upon you if he’s as interested in bringin’ ya to justice as you think.  He’s not one for half measures.”

“Maybe,” I reply.  “But then there’s this,” I continue, gesturing to the picture of what appears to be me and Griff standing over a dead version of The Wizard.  I hadn’t realized until this moment that our clothes even match the picture now.  “I think this is supposed to happen today, with me and Griff.  All you need to do is tell him we’re here and offer to get us to show up at the cathedral.”

“Wha’ makes you think that there picture is of tonight?  If’n it hadna happen’ yet, then ‘ow’s it in that there ol’ book?”

“It’s a prophecy, or at least, sort of,” I frown.  “Look, I’m certain this is supposed to happen now.  Me and Griff are even wearing the same clothes.”

“’Tis true, mum,” Lance says, scratching his chin.  “Still seems t’ be an awful lot of chance involved in makin’ sure this all comes true.  Why dunna you come along wif me yerself and we can both talk to Tha Wizard?”

“Because, I need Griff, and he needs to get something first, and we need this all to happen before the sun sets.  Just go make sure he’s aware we’re coming and I’ll do the rest.”

“Okay, Chelle,” Lance says reluctantly.  “But I want ya t’ know I think this is a bad idea.”

“Your thoughts have been noted,” I say, jumping to my feet.  “Now go, fast.”  I give him a light shove.

Lance runs toward the red-haired horse he had ridden earlier and within seconds he is disappearing off into the distance, leaving me alone by a large stable full of horses.

Nervously, I enter it to look for anything I can find I can use for a weapon.  This is what’s supposed to happen.  Me and Griff are supposed to kill him.  It’s got to be tonight.  I just don’t know how we do it.

The only item dangerous-looking item I can find in this hay-filled animal home is a rusty pitchfork leaning against the wall in a corner.  I just hope it will be enough.  The next question is: can I really kill this man?

Cathedral bells ring in the distance.  That’s probably my cue.  If only Griff would hurry up and get here.

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