The Long Chron – Online Edition – Chapter Fifty-Eight

I storm off the platform and back into the main concourse of Chelle Station, feeling as I did months ago when Griff first picked me up.  I look up at the green ceiling and am reminded of the first time I entered Grand Central Station and felt as though I had been transported to an entirely different world.

Of course, I had been.  It’s been ages since that day, since the day Griff changed my life forever.  And now I’m supposed to believe this person who has made such an incredibly impact on my life, transformed me from the person I was a mere two months ago, is my son.

I stop in my tracks, staring at the ceiling, seeing all that has been built, apparently in my name.  All of this came from me.  If Griff did all this, did it all because of me…

I turn around, looking toward the area where I had left my supposed family.  I see they have all followed me, standing just in the entry arch to the main concourse, staring at me wistfully.

I suddenly realize why this was such a big deal, why they all felt completely comfortable in pulling me from everything I knew, just to get another moment with me.  I find myself filled with fear that this would be the only time I would get to spend with my son.  That if it weren’t for these moments, I would have never gotten to know him, or his wife.

This glimpse into the future is a glimpse into a future without me.  That’s what they haven’t been telling me.  It’s not just that I die, it’s that I die before ever getting to know the man who would build all of this in my honor.

Slowly, I return to the three people watching me.  Tears have begun streaming down my face as I near them.  Lance is the first to run to my side, wrapping me up in his strong arms, making me feel as though this is the only place I could ever want to be.

I break the silence, pulling from Lance and looking to Griff.  “I understand now,” I smile.  “Thank you.”  He steps forward and wraps his arms around me, holding me tight enough I fear I may never be freed.

“No, thank you, Mom.  Thank you for being the amazing woman Dad has always told me you were.  For being the person I needed you to be.”

I feel him shaking as he holds me, the tears continuing to fall from my face.

Once again, I separate myself from the embrace, now turning my attention toward Agnes.  “Agnes, you had better treat him right, okay?”

“Awright, mum,” she smiles.  “Oi’ll do me best.”

“You had better,” I smile, giving her a big hug as well.

Separating myself from yet another strong-armed hold, I wipe the tears from my face and look to Lance questioningly.  “So, what now?”

“Well, dearie,” he says.  “Although I’d luv to be having you around here for forever, we both know that can’t be done.  You ‘as a big ol’ life to be livin’.  One that will finally catch up with me at some point.”

“But, are you okay?  I mean, maybe I should try to stay away so you don’t have to—“

“No, darlin’.  I wouldn’t trade any of it fer tha world.”

“Okay, but, where do I go from here?” I ask.  “What do I do next?”

“Whatever you want,” Griff smiles.  “You’ve still got a lot of life left in you, and a ton of adventures left to go on.”

“Great,” I smile.  “That means I can take a break for a while, huh?”

“Of course.”

“Perfect.  Which one of these trains will take me home?”

“We’ll walk you to it,” Lance smiles.

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