The Long Chron – Online Edition – Chapter Fifteen

After our bellies are filled, we are given a moment to change clothes before being led downstairs to the building’s cellar.  The room is dark, lit only by the small candle held in Father Addy’s hand.  Father Addy moves through the darkness easily and we follow directly behind him, hoping not to trip over any unseen items below.

He walks to the far wall of the basement and pushes aside a thick dark-colored fabric, showing a roughly hewn tunnel which goes on into even further pitch black darkness.

“Here,” he says, offering me the candle. “Although you just need to follow the path straight to the other end, I would think you might appreciate something to help light the way.”

“So, where is this taking us exactly?” Griff asks skeptically.  “I mean, this isn’t going to get us locked back up in that dungeon underneath the cathedral, is it?”

“Dungeon under the cathedral?” Addy asks.

“Yeah, you know, big dank basement under the marble floors where The Wizard seems to be keeping a few dozen people prisoner?”

“There is no dungeon underneath the cathedral,” Addy replies with a frown on his face.

“I’m pretty confident there is,” Griff disagrees.  “We were put down in a hole before we ended up here.”

“That is a house of God, there would be no call for a prison within those walls.  The foundation of the building is set at ground level, there is nothing underneath it.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, bub,” Griff says shortly, “but there is most definitely a dungeon under there, and from the looks of it, it’s been there for a long time.”

“This is troubling,” Addy says as he bites his lip.

“What’s wrong, Father?”

“What possible reason would this Wizard have for placing a dungeon within a house of God?” Addy asks.

“I already told you, this thing’s been there for ages.  It’s not something he’s dug up over the last year or anything, at least not the room we were held in.”

“And I’ve already told you that there is no call for a prison within a house of God.  However, the texts which describe the construction of the cathedral do contain a note which has always plagued me regarding the arrival of a mysterious man who aided in the design of the building.”

“So?” Griff asks.

“The description of the man matches the description of the man currently residing within those very same hallowed halls.  Now that I know the legend of the Pendant of St. Christopher is true, it isn’t difficult to believe he and The Wizard may be the same person.”

“Why would that matter?” I ask.

“I’m not certain,” Addy answers reflectively.  “However, I’m beginning to fear that what is currently going on within the city of York may be much more than we had originally bargained for.”

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