Rise of the Fat Mogul – Online Edition – Previously

Previously, in The Legend of Buddy Hero, book one of The Defenders Saga:

Buddy Jackson, a washed-up boxer who lost his minimum-wage job and one-room apartment on the same day, is brought into a world of secrecy where he finds out he was, at one time, the world’s greatest superhero.

He’s quickly brought up to speed, and up to power, in order to lead a group of intrepid warriors on a journey to battle his forgotten arch-nemesis, the over-powered Dominion.  Due to some quick thinking, as well as an odd mental link between the two, Buddy and the New Defenders manage to defeat this menace and send him off to another dimension where he will be no longer capable of bringing about his intended destruction of the world.

Or so they believed.

Buddy Jackson – The one-time leader of the Defenders of America known as Buddy Hero.  Capable of amazing strength, which makes him all but invincible.  Buddy was, until recently, a burned-out drunk, but has now found reason to fight for mankind.  Part of that battle is against the demons left inside his head as an after-effect of his confrontation with Dominion as seen within the pages of The Legend of Buddy Hero.

Zero Hamilton – The caped crusader who calls himself Kid Zero may appear to be simple-minded, but wields the great mental power of telekinesis.  A product of a lost time, Zero fights for truth, justice, and because it’s a whole lot of fun.  Having been sent to outer space at the time of The Great Mind Wipe, Zero is an outcast who still remembers what it feels like to be worshipped.

Alexa Rose – The buxom and beautiful speed demon, and daughter of the original Red Rocketeer.  Alexa, fights alongside Buddy and Zero as part of The New Defenders.  Draped in mystery as the previous side-kick to the villainous Arthur Flores, Alexa generally wants to do good, although she may be led astray from time to time. 

Ryan Reed – The second generation Red Rocketeer works to get out of the shadow of his famous scientist father.  Although he may appear on the surface to be yet another trust fund-enabled playboy, he toils day and night to come up with the next great tool for facing off against whatever dangers he and the rest of The New Defenders may have to face.

Oscar Reed – The original Red Rocketeer and father to Alexa and Ryan.  Not much is known about the leader of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and technology corporation outside of his previous connection to the original Defenders of America and his stated unwillingness to rejoin the good fight.

Damon Memphis – The villain known as Dominion, capable of countless amazing powers.  So many in fact, that it would be easier to name the things he can’t do.  He believes himself to be God’s chosen Angel of Death, the man who will bring about the Great Judgment as well as the destruction of the world.  He was last seen in the pages of The Legend of Buddy Hero being left in another dimension without any memory of who he is.

Jeffrey Flores – Son of the infamous Arthur Flores, capable of duplicating the image and powers of anyone he meets.  His sole focus is on taking over his father’s empire, as well as taking down Buddy Jackson, whom he believes stands in the way of his goal.

Arthur Flores – aka The Fat Mogul.  Leader of The Mogul Mob, a super-powered army bent on fulfilling Arthur’s every whim.  He’s known as a strong tactician and as someone who always gets his way.  Last known location: his secret underground bunker.

Maggie Jackson – Buddy’s sister and sole confidant.  Behind the counter of her diner lies the one place Buddy can truly call home, and the one person who can actually keep him in line.

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