The Agora Files – Part III – Online Edition – Epilogue: Violet

No, of course I’m not going to throw them out of the helicopter.  That would be insane.  Not to mention, I’m fairly certain my bosses wouldn’t really like it.  But the look on their faces when I said that was priceless.  I guess you could say I’m feeling in a bit of a mischievous mood.

What do you expect?  I’ve spent the last ten years sitting in a house for a couple of kids pretending to be some Jamaican nanny because their parents asked me to.

Excluding my military past and my time spent as a spy for the United Nations, which, of course, is what brought me into this God-forsaken country to begin with, I’ve proven to these folks time and again that I should be doing so much more.  And they choose to have some ex-Runner chump like Bruno run things, while I sit in an empty house all day watching soap operas in order to make sure that a couple of kids are safe.

But now is my time to shine.  When the Rhodes called me and told me their plan, I couldn’t have been more excited.  And so, yeah, I may have gone a little overboard on the details.  What can I say?  If I only have this moment to enjoy myself again, I may as well do it right.

“What are you talking about?” Miss Nile frowns.  She’s confused.  I love it.  Here she is, Miss High-and-Mighty, I know everything about everyone and everything, and I’ve knocked her for a loop.  This is great.  I wonder if I should push them toward the edge of the doorway before I tell them what’s really going on?

Alvin simply laughs.  “A rat in your ranks, Daniella?  I can’t believe you would have overlooked such a simple thing as someone who is working against you.  Weren’t you trained to be better than that?”

“I, uh,” Miss Nile stammers.  This is good.  I doubt this woman has stammered for a second in her life.  And here she is, all flustered and confused.  It’s worth it.  I don’t care what anyone might say about how I’m doing business right now, this is absolutely worth every single piece of effort.

“And now you’re speechless?” Alvin continues chuckling.  “My dear girl, I do believe you’ve done the impossible,” he says to me.  I want to laugh with him, but it’s time for me to take charge.  I’ll have to enjoy this moment more fully later.

“But you’ve been working for me for ages,” Miss Nile finally gets out.

“Nope, this is my first day,” I scowl.

“No, that’s not possible.  I’ve seen you around for forever.  I’ve—”

“Might need to take a closer look at the people around you, I guess, eh?” I shrug.  It feels right.  Sure, she won’t get it.  She won’t recognize that her attitude toward people like me contributed to getting her to this moment.  She’ll blame it on someone else, she’ll convince herself that I’m a lookalike to one of her regular employees or some other such nonsense.  But at least to me it feels perfect.  And to think of all that time I spent building a history for myself in her systems.  All the effort I put into crafting a spectacular backstory so she would know exactly why she would want to keep me around when I pulled her out of that prison.  None of it mattered.  I simply showed up at the prison, told her I was there to rescue her, and corrected her when she called me Felicia.

“So, you’ve got us cornered now, huh?” Alvin asks.  “I mean, I don’t see a weapon or anything, but I’m guessing you think you’ve got something over us that you can use to push us out of this plane.”

“I think I can manage something.”

Alvin reaches for his coat pocket.  I know he’s got a gun in there. Well, I should say, he had a gun in there.  I swiped it off him the second I grabbed him out of the Rhodes’ house.  He realizes his mistake quickly and laughs a laugh of someone who has finally realized he has lost.

“You’re smart, I’ll give you that,” he says.

“You bet I am.”

“And you really think you’ve won, do you?” Miss Nile asks.

“Oh, I know I’ve won.”

“You know who I am, don’t you?  How powerful I am?  How much—”

“You can go ahead and quit with the monologuing, you old bag,” I state firmly.  “Your days are done.  Your power is gone.  And the people I’m working for are ready for you to arrive so they can toss you into a deep dark hole you’ll never escape from.  Both of you.”

“Well, I guess you’ll finally get what you’ve wanted all these years, Alvin darling,” Miss Nile says, not sounding as though she’s entirely ready to give up.  “We’ll finally be together again.”

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