The Agora Files – Part III – Online Edition – Chapter Twenty-Three

The tanks rumble off into the distance, passing me by entirely.  I stare at them as they disappear into the the horizon and the clouds of dust they have kicked up in their wake.

They were here for me, weren’t they?

It’s not like they just happened to be driving by, but were looking for some other wanted criminal fugitive, is it?

With my adrenaline still pumping, I decide I can’t stay here any longer.  I have to get back on the run.  Get to Canada.  That’s the only thing which makes sense anymore.  Get across the border and hope against hope that someone over there knows what to do with me when I get there.

With the tanks off in the distance and a feeling as though I’m losing my sanity, I put my headphones on and search for something to settle my nerves.

Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti.  I remember my dad bum bum bumming the opening chords as he punched the air in excitement.  Just for old time’s sake, I do the same.


After another thirty minutes of silence, The Geek and Grant finally call us over, looking as giddy as can be.

I excitedly join them.  I’ve been sitting here in silence too long and will take anything to finally be away from the awkwardness I just created between me and Eve.

“Alright,” The Geek says in hushed tones, “check this out.  Grant, my man, do the honors.”

Grant steps behind the steering wheel of the golf cart, and reaches down toward his feet.

“Ta da!” The Geek whisper-cheers.

“Um,” I stammer, “Ta-what?”

“Can’t you hear it?” The Geek asks.

“If you’re talking about the crazed excitement over nothing coming from my brother, then yes, I can hear it.”

“No,” he frowns, sitting beside Grant in the cart, “the cart.  It’s on!”

“You sure?” I ask.

“I hear it,” Eve says, climbing into the back seat.  “Good work you two.”  She pats both The Geek and Grant on the shoulders.

“Now you’re all just screwing with me.”

“If your hearing isn’t that great,” Grant explains, “it’s possible you wouldn’t hear the little electric whine coming out of this thing, but I guarantee you that once you climb in, you’ll feel it take care of business.”

“Okay,” I say, not feeling too certain I’m with sane people anymore.  I climb into the back seat beside Eve, who crosses her arms as I do.  “Show me what you’ve got.”

Before I’m able to finish my sentence, the vehicle lurches forward and we travel down the street.

It’s definitely not the fastest I’ve ever traveled.  Probably not the slowest.  But, at the very least, it’s here, it’s getting us out of Anaheim, and it’s getting us home.  For whatever good that will do us.

“Is this really going to be able to get us all the way across Los Angeles to Burbank?” Eve asks.

“No clue,” Grant replies.  “We couldn’t give it a full charge and with how old this battery is, and how long it’s been dried out, there’s no telling if we’ll even make it to the end of the street.  But I’m feeling lucky, so I’m going to go right out and say this thing will take us all the way to South Pasadena.”

“Pasadena?” I ask.  “That’s a little out of the way.”

“Well, yeah,” The Geek answers.  “It’s probably a really bad idea to be driving directly through downtown LA right now, don’t you think?  On a golf cart?  It’s crazy enough we’re doing this at all.  We’ve only got the cover of night for a couple more hours and we’re in one of the most heavily populated areas in the country and we’re super-duper wanted.  And since the SPs are still on the lookout for us, even though they don’t have any—“

“I get it, I get it,” I cut him off.  “So, we’re heading up to Pasadena and cutting back in through Verdugo?”

“I think we could go through Glendale,” The Geek disagrees.  “It’s not really all that more populated than Crescenta and it will save us a ton of time.”

“Sounds like a deal,” I answer.  “I’m going to catch some shut eye before the next maniac who wants to kill me comes calling.”

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