The Agora Files – Part III – Online Edition – Chapter Thirty-Seven

“How far?” I groan.

“Just a few feet left,” Billy answers.  He’s sounding cheerful.  Not really sure why.  I feel like I’ve already died.  Why haven’t I died?  And more importantly, why haven’t those people who were supposed to be finding me found me?

What’s going on?

Maybe I did die and my afterlife is nothing more than an unreachable goal.  Something which is always immediately outside of my grasp.  A carrot on a stick.

And then I see it, a rotten old sign held up by some posts up ahead.  It’s too worn to read, but there’s only one thing it could be, as long as Billy has been directing me correctly.  It has to be.  I run underneath and can just barely make out the word “Lake”.

Thunder strikes, causing me to jump with what little energy I have left, and the sky immediately opens to a torrential downpour.


Cool, wet, cleansing rain.

This might be a good sign after all.


I spy an old rental car parking lot up ahead.  The cars probably haven’t been used in over a decade, but they’re still there.  Just have to hope they run.

What am I talking about?  Of course they aren’t going to run.  If I’m lucky enough that they have gas in their tanks, a decade without running means the fuel’s more than likely already spoiled.

I can’t head to the park yet.  Not with this car anyways.  With the tracking chip it no doubt has installed, they will find me as long as I’m hanging out anywhere near it.  So even if I find a place to hide, it’s no good as long as this thing is next to me.

And then I realize the answer has been staring me in the face all this time.

The car I’m in has an automated driving mechanism, utilized for the regular patrols the SPs are sent on.  It’s what I used to run Alvin over and it’s what I’m using to drive right now.  These things can drive themselves and they don’t even have any sort of protection on the systems to keep any schmuck from doing it.

I pull over to the rental car kiosk, deciding this is as good of a place as any.  I plug in the destination, choosing the Grand Canyon.  Right smack dab in the middle of the canyon, meaning that when this thing reaches its destination, it’ll plummet to its death.  Sure, it’ll run out of gas long before then, but I still think the idea is beautiful. What was that movie he talked about so much?  Thelma and Louise.  Yeah.  This is perfect.

And the whole time I can be sitting here all nice and cozy, nowhere near where they’re looking.

Sometimes I even amaze myself.

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