The Agora Files – Part III – Online Edition – Chapter Forty-One

“Happy Birthday to you,” I sing softly.

I know I sound crazy, but there are a ton of really loud vehicles headed my way, I’m absolutely soaking wet, and I’m shivering with cold.

“Happy Birthday to you.”

Besides, he deserves this.  He deserves just a second.  A moment.  To be remembered.  To have this day celebrated, even if he isn’t here anymore.

“Happy Birthday, dear Cyrus,” I say, stifling back a tear.

“There you are!” a man shouts.  “Guys, she’s over here!”


Turns out it wasn’t that hard to get in contact with Eve after all.  Although The Agora used runners for delivering nearly everything, they also have a program set up for drone delivery.  And it works fast.  She has the earpiece in her hands within minutes.

I have Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp playing on it when it arrives.  I’m hoping it’s enough for her to realize it’s me.

“Can you hear me?” I shout excitedly.

We talk for a bit, catching up on what’s been happening since we last saw each other, before she tells me she’s headed to Canada.

That’s a pretty terrible idea.  We already know Canada isn’t going to be enough of a hiding place from Alvin.  But I honestly don’t have any other ideas for her.  And even if I tell her my full plans, there’s no way she’s going to be willing to head back here.  Or just sit still for a while.

Not to mention, if they’ve been tracking my music player all this time, who is to say they aren’t listening in to this very conversation.  I have to be smart.

For now, I agree Canada’s the only choice.  At least until I can come up with something more solid for her.  As long as she’s safe.  And since Alvin’s people are headed to Mexico, having her run in the opposite direction is perfect.

Now I just need to get the other stuff together.

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