The Agora Files – Part III – Online Edition – Chapter Five

Space Oddity by David Bowie.   The tears start flowing almost immediately as the snare drum opens up the song.  I’ve obviously somehow found myself in the entirely wrong playlist.

Why did I leave him behind?  I didn’t even think about how what I’m doing could affect him.  Was this choice completely selfish?  Am I just running because I don’t want to face what comes next?

Or was this choice really the only one anyone could take?

No, I know it was the only path left to choose.

I just happened to choose it first.

Whatever is happening to him right now, it’s better than what would have happened if I hadn’t taken the device and ran.

I know it.

I just pray he does as well.


Alvin shoves me inside the rooftop door and slams it behind me.  A short stark hallway leads to some stairs ahead.  A quick glance to Eve and I know we’ve both got the same idea in mind.

I slam Alvin against the wall.  He stumbles, and before he can regain his balance, I send a kick into Grant’s back.  Grant turns to face me as Eve breaks free from his grip and pushes Maxine down the stairs, just barely managing to grab The Geek’s shirt before he tumbles down them with her.

Grant eyes me up wildly.

Eve swings her fist and hits him directly in the neck and he doesn’t even flinch.  He grabs her arm before she can move it away, still keeping his eyes locked on me.  He advances as Alvin places the gun in my back.

The Geek kicks Grant between his legs, causing the large man to double over in pain.

Eve and The Geek jump over Grant to make their way for the door when Alvin stops them.

“Hold on just a moment, you two,” he says, waving the gun in the air before returning it to its place in the center of my back.  “You seem to have forgotten who here holds all the cards.”

“I’m not sure a gun really counts as being all the cards,” I mutter.  “You do realize what’s going on outside, don’t you?”

“You mean your little friend, Bruno?” Alvin smirks.  “I sincerely do hope you have had the opportunity to say your goodbyes to him.”

“You don’t think he’s going to be able to break us out?” Eve asks.

“He’s done it before!”  The Geek says.

“Do you honestly believe the last time you were able to break out of this prison was due to the acts of that man in his little red seaplane?” Alvin asks.

“What are you getting at?” I say, turning to look at the stupid man who always wears white.  “I was there.  If he was being told to free Eve, then why did he try so hard to keep me from doing it?”

“It certainly did appear that way, didn’t it?”

“Alright then, bub,” I say.  “Who do you suggest did break her out?”

A loud bang sounds from outside the door.  The building shudders a few seconds after.

“There, I believe your rescue attempt has rightly been taken care of now.  Can we be on our way?’

Alvin sticks the gun deep in my back once again and pushes me toward the stairs.

Eve and The Geek look on from their position near the door.

“Grant,” Alvin shouts at the man still holding himself in pain.  “Would you provide these two the required motivation to join us inside?  And check on Maxine while you’re at it.  I would like to have some further discussion with Mr. Rhodes before I allow him his change of clothing and cavity check.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Alexander,” Grant says through labored breath.

Alvin shoves me hard and I fall forward, rolling head over heels down the stairs until I land just beside Maxine, who is not moving.

“Cyrus!” Eve yells after me.

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