The Agora Files – Part II – Online Edition – Chapter Thirty-Five

We continue through the tunnels for what seems like hours.  It’s amazing.  Not only have we not seen a single soul since we’ve been down here, but this place is spotless and perfectly lit.  Someone must come down here regularly to keep things in line.  And that person must be incredibly dutiful.  I have a hard time believing anyone could make it around this endless labyrinth without getting lost forever.

Considering how long we’ve been going, I’m wondering if this whole rock thing is anything more than some stupid trick someone’s playing on us.  I can’t help but fear we’re more likely to starve to death down here than we are to find some sort of secret exit.

I speed on ahead, hoping to be able to find the way out as soon as possible.  Eve stays with The Geek, so I’m alone.


Another indeterminable amount of time later and I see a dead end coming up quickly.  I begin to fear I missed a rock somewhere.  I can’t even remember where the last turn I made was.  I stop in my tracks, put my hands behind my head, and pace as I try to catch my breath.

This clinches it.  We’re lost.  We’re a lost cause.

Even if we do find our way out of here, by now everyone topside thinks we’re responsible for the deaths of all of the most important people in this country.  I might not be too smart about this political stuff, but I’d be willing to guess that includes people like Alvin Alexander, the leader of the rebels, and Bruno, the leader of Golden Dawn, as well as the leaders of every other secret organization The Geek was working with over the years.  Maybe not Bruno.  We did sneak him off with his daughter, after all.  Of course, maybe Pewakee wasn’t the best place to send him, considering what we know now.

Nevertheless, if we manage to make it out of here alive, we’ll be considered terrorist prime.  The sole suspects responsible for the death of our nation.

I can’t even imagine what’s going on up there.  Mass panic, hysteria?  Who knows?

I guess I can rest a little easier knowing Miss Nile won’t be able to take power.  At least not immediately.  I can only hope that by the time she manages to rebuild, something else will have taken her place.  Even the rebellion would be a better choice than her.

“Cyrus!” Eve’s voice echoes through the halls.  Without a second thought, I run back down the hall.  I can’t see her from my current location, but it sounds urgent.  It’s not possible The Geek got hurt, is it?

I run past a junction and Eve yells at me to stop.  I backtrack a few steps and find the two of them standing in the middle of one of the junctions, looking skyward.  I join them and look up as well.  Just above us sits a hatch, blending in with the rest of the brown ceiling, only noticeable due to the steering wheel-style apparatus used to open it up.

I look to The Geek and Eve.  “You found it?”

“Yeah,” The Geek gasps before finally taking his weight off Eve and collapsing to the floor against a wall.  “Now can we rest for a bit?”

“I don’t see why not,” Eve answers before joining his side.

I accompany them.  We haven’t seen anyone since we got down here.  There’s very little chance that’s going to change now, especially considering how far we are from where we started.

“I don’t suppose either of you have any water, do you?” The Geek asks.

“Sorry, kid,” Eve answers.  “I was pretty sure this was going to be a one way trip, you know?”

“Yeah,” The Geek says between labored breaths.  “Me too.”

“But it’s not,” I say, feeling a weight lift off my shoulders for the first time in weeks.  “We might finish this mission.  We got to the drop off point in time, we got out alive.  The only thing left is, you know, finding someplace safe to live out the rest of our lives.”

“Yeah,” Eve sighs.  “Someplace safe.  Can’t imagine that exists for us anymore.  At least not anywhere we can get quickly.”

“What about Canada?” I ask.  “They seemed to like us there.”

“Sure,” Eve replies, “but how are we going to get there?  We’ve got absolutely everyone under the sun looking for us and wanting us to stand trial for our suspected crimes against humanity.”

“Well,” The Geek says with a smirk.  “We do have one thing going for us.”

“Yeah?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he answers.

“I’m sorry,” Eve replies.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Come on.”  The Geek stands proudly.  “The three of us have managed to come up against all odds and somehow stay alive.  We faced off against the most powerful woman in the country, if not the world, and we’re still here to talk about it.  Right now, if there were any three people more suited toward making it to the Canadian border alive under these circumstances, it’s us.”

“I like your style,” I say to my brother.  “Like the Three Musketeers or something, right?”

“Not at all like that,” Eve smirks.  “But I think you’re right.  We are the only ones who stand a chance.”

“So, what does that mean?” I ask.

“I think you know what it means,” The Geek smiles.  “We run.”

“Really?”  I jump to my feet eagerly.

“Yeah, but, you know, after we rest,” The Geek laughs.  “I may be crazy, but that’s the most running I’ve ever done. I think I deserve at least a little nap first.”

“Sounds great,” Eve says.

“I agree.”

It doesn’t take long for sleep to find me.

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