The Agora Files – Part I – Online Edition – Chapter Twenty-Six

I hear the sounds of vehicles crashing to the ground behind me. No looking back, need to focus on running. My side screams out to me in pain. I’ve definitely popped the stitches now. I see Eve ahead of me, making great strides toward the goal of the border.

I hear an explosion and look back without thinking. It’s not as exciting as I had hoped, just a little fire burning on one a car which didn’t manage to stick the landing over the hill.

SPs are now climbing out of their vehicles to run after us on foot. I laugh at the idea of them catching up. Two more cars appear at the top of the hill.

They’re on top of us within seconds and flank us.

“Cyrus Rhodes and Eve Gardner, you are under arrest,” comes a voice booming through a megaphone. “Surrender now!”

Neither Eve nor I even hazard to come back with a quip. We need all oxygen and energy devoted to the task at hand.

Another gun shot, this one at my feet. Non-lethal? I think The Geek’s got the wrong idea here. In the car to the left of us, I see the man riding in the passenger seat open his door and lean out to grab at me as the car eases closer. He’s right on top of me as I yell.

“Eve, hit the ground!”

She complies and we fall flat. My mouth is now filled with grass, but the act did was it was supposed to. The man tumbles out of the vehicle and rolls to a stop just in front of us. Eve and I jump to our feet and begin running again. I see Eve make certain one of her footfalls lands on his chest. It’s really hard to not like this girl.

The car on the right slows to our side.  The other goes in reverse to pick up its fallen comrade.

“Surrender yourselves now or face the consequences.” That’s an odd statement to make. I’m pretty sure we’ll be facing some pretty hefty consequences either way. In fact, I think no matter what we do now, the only thing in our future is death.

The second car is back on us now. I slip my headphones over my ears.

“Geek, how far?” I gasp.

“You’ve got about 100 yards. If you look ahead, you should be able to see the border.”

I look up and he’s right, I see lights. Tons of them. I just hope they don’t mark another entire country ready to kill us. I push harder, passing Eve. I feel warm liquid pouring out of my side, but there’s no time to rest now. The only option left is to make it across that finish line.

The SPs close in on us on both sides, allowing only a narrow path between them.

“Cyrus, split up!” Eve yells. “I’ll meet you on the other side.”

She stops, letting the cars pass her, and bolts back toward the road. The car on the left follows her, leaving me alone with the guy waving the gun. He swerves in and nudges with the car. I stumble, but ultimately keep on course.

He pulls ahead, opens his door as wide as possible, and hits his brakes hard. I barely miss being flattened by it. I’m just steps away from the lights now. I push my legs to go as fast as they’ve ever gone before. The SP car is back on me, this time right behind me, pushing against me with its front bumper. Between me and the border is a small creek. Not something I can cross quickly, so I turn toward the road, and head for the overpass.

My side is no longer the only part of me screaming to stop. My legs are in agony. I have to use every ounce of willpower I have left to urge them not give up. It’s bright here. The lights are everywhere. The car tries one last effort to stop me, as I’m now only feet from my goal. He swerves directly in front of me, cutting off my path forward. The man opens the door, and stands, ready to grab me. I jump into the air, face first, aiming for the hood of his car. I slide halfway across and stop. I guess not everything works like it does in the movies.

I feel the officer grabbing at my ankles. He’s got me by my feet now. Wriggling my legs, I manage to pull my feet from my shoes, leaving him with my Chucks in his hands. I jump off the hood and into the light, running across the giant line on the road designating the end of the SP’s jurisdiction. I fall to the ground, just on the other side, panting and gasping for breath.

I made it.

A shadow covers the ground around me.

“Looks like you’re in some serious trouble now, son.”

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