The Agora Files – Part I – Online Edition – Chapter Seventeen

Ten minutes pass without so much as a bump in the road. This concerns me even more than the idea of there being a roadblock ahead. If The Geek was right, we should have seen someone by now. We should have already blasted our way through a line of cars in a hail of gunfire, beginning an amazing chase that will ultimately end in grizzly deaths for the two of us. Instead, the road seems exactly like it was before. Quiet and long.

“Where’s this roadblock, Geek?” Eve asks.

“You should have passed it already,” he responds. “The news is all over The Agora forums. The entire state of Wyoming is shut off to all road traffic and roadblocks are supposedly set up all over the place, not that I’m seeing anything from my satellite feeds. Sounds like it’s the same in Montana and Colorado. If you haven’t seen anything yet, we’re dealing with some sort of divine luck.”

“Divine luck?” I ask jokingly. “Is that a thing?”

“You better hope it is,” The Geek responds seriously. “Otherwise the SPs are up to something that even I can’t understand. Oh–”

“What?” Eve asks anxiously.

“Sounds like both Montana and Colorado are re-opening for business.”

“Cool,” I smile in relief, although disappointed. “We must have fooled them, right?”


“Let me guess. Wyoming’s still closed off,” Eve begins, “so, they–”

“They know where you guys are,” The Geek finishes. “Right now it sounds like they’re organizing one big ambush, pulling out all the stops to make sure your run ends here.”

“So, not good?” I croak.

“Not at all.” I hear The Geek typing rapidly.

“What you doing over there Geek?”

“I’m sending something out to everyone I know to get some of those favors redeemed right now. If my calculations are correct, you’ve got, at best, two hours before they set down on you. And they’re going to be coming down hard.”

“Two hours?” Eve says coolly. “Cheyenne?”

“That’d be my guess. There’s a big military base up there, perfect spot to pool up all their resources. They’re going to do whatever they can to make sure you don’t make it out of Wyoming.”

“Okay,” I respond, my brain kicking into overdrive, “then we just don’t go to Cheyenne. We do like Eve was saying before, head south. They’d never expect that, right?”

“You know those nice little satellites I use to keep an eye on what’s coming up for you, Cyrus?” The Geek asks. “They aren’t mine. If I can see you, which I can, they can. They know exactly where you are and where you’re going. Changing direction won’t do you any good.”

“So. . . what if we dump the Jeep?” I ask.

“Won’t make a difference,” Eve says sadly. “They’ll still be able to see us. It won’t be long until the sun comes up and makes us even more visible. Only difference we’d have on foot is that we wouldn’t be nearly as fast.”

“But we’ve gotta have some options, right? There are always options.”

“What sorts of favors do you have in the pipeline, Geek?” Eve asks, taking charge of the situation. “Anything big enough to be of any use?”

“I’m not sure there’s anything anywhere that would be that big, outside of an army. I might be able to smokescreen them for a while, but not for long enough to get you somewhere safe.”

“Alright, well, we’ve still got a couple hours before things hit the fan,” Eve takes charge. “Cyrus, you should try to get some sleep. If there’s a chance we can get out of this alive, you’ll need to be as alert as you can.”

“How am I supposed to sleep at a time like this?”

“I don’t know, but you’re going to have to try.”

I climb into the back seat of the Jeep, heart pumping fast with the adrenaline coursing through my veins. My mind runs through every possible scenario of what could be lying ahead and how we could react to it and every single one ends with our deaths. Execution, explosion, or worse. The images are flying through my mind so fast that I am unaware when they begin to invade my subconscious.

My sleep is fitful, filled with these nightmarish visions of the future, but, I sleep.

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