Daddy of the Dead – Online Edition – Chapter Eleven

We continue on in silence for several minutes longer before Guy finally breaks it once again.

“So, I get it now.”

“Get what?”

“Why you’re so anxious to find your kid.  Why you stole the vehicle and everything.”


“I was planning on turning you in for some reward money or something once we got further along, but now—“ he trails off.


“Shit,” he curses himself.


“Peggy,” he says as a sudden realization rolls over him.

“Your daughter?”


“I’m sure she’s okay.  I mean, she’s not in Chicago, is she?”

“No, she moved away ages ago.  I don’t know where she’s at now.”

“Oh,” I mumble.  “Sorry.”

“Me too.”

The silence continues for a while longer.  I see the exit sign for 894 ahead and decide it would probably be best to avoid the inner city of Milwaukee.  The sound of the blinker echoes through the truck’s cabin, making the silence that much more unbearable.

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