I don’t generally place acknowledgements within the covers of my books.  I’m not entirely sure why, but for some reason it just seems rather an odd place to put them.

But the truth of the matter is, there’s a lot of work that goes into a book, and not all of that work can be attributed to one person.  In fact, there’s a ton to be said for the people who just keep you moving forward, keep you motivated and positive.

This list is in no way comprehensive, and I’ll attempt to continue adding to it as time goes on and I recognize folks who have been needlessly left out.


Of course, no acknowledgement list would be complete without including the significant other.  In fact, my wife requires so much gratitude that there’s no one better I could choose to top off the list.  Taking away the countless hours she’s spent listening to me talking excitedly about the next book I want to work on, or the book I’ve already started working on, as well as the great chunks of time she’s been forced to read my books just to tell me if something works the way I intended it, she’s still required to be given thanks for simply being there.  The road of an author is a long and tiresome one, without that person who is constantly able to be there to keep you moving forward, it would also be an impossible one.  I can honestly say that if Gretchen weren’t around, I wouldn’t be either.

My kids take up the second requisite spot on the list, if not for any other reason than the fact that they constantly keep me inspired.  My first two books were written immediately following the births of my first two children.  Long nights where little ones would only sleep while draped across my chest meant many nights sitting in front of a computer without the ability for sleep.  But they keep me going, like little cheerleaders they want me to succeed and I want to succeed purely to show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Although she’s already got a page dedicated to her on the site here, I also must thank Amanda Obenhoffer for her dedicated and talented work on the covers for all my books.  Simply put, without her, no one would even consider buying one of my books.  The phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” exists because people do exactly that.  Amanda makes sure that the cover isn’t a hindrance for people deciding to pick them up.

I’ve had so many cheerleaders crop up over the years I’ve been working on my craft, but none have been quite so vocal about it as my uncle Bob.  I remember my wedding day, when there was an article released in the local arts magazine, Volume One about a movie I had recently produced, he went out and grabbed up as many copies as he could find and started passing them around to all the people in attendance.  If there were any one person who could be credited as keeping me feeling cheered on, it would be Bob.

Yet, Bob’s not even close to the only person I need to give credit to for cheering me forward.  My parents have also always been there, cheering me on, telling me how proud they are of me for sticking to the task.  My dad has always been one of the first people to read my books, often reading through them each in one sitting and getting mighty excited about what’s to come next.  My mom, on the other hand, seems to be talking to everyone about the books and making sure that even if my marketing attempts are lacking, there’s still some marketing going on.

In fact, my family in general seems to keep pouring out love for my art, even if they haven’t read any of the books.  I could go on listing names of family members for forever, but to keep this list short(er), I’ll just say that I couldn’t have kept to the task of putting these books together and out there if it weren’t for the amazing support group I have built into my life through the bloodline (and the in-laws too!)

My friends…I’ll continue from here to denote some specifically helpful friends, but first, I just want to highlight how amazing the support from people who just happen to know me and not absolutely hate me has been.  So often I’ve been given the opportunity to talk to new people about my books simply because I was introduced to someone as, “My author-friend Adam”.  Sure, that might just seem like some sort of silly comment might want to make as a way to make introductions more interesting…and it probably is exactly that.  But I choose to take it as a moment of pride for my friends, as they feel so proud of what I do that they need to announce it when they announce me.  I’ve never been introduced as “my health insurance claims processor friend” or “my friend who likes to act in regional theater” or even “my friend who sings way too loudly in the shower”.  So, I take it to mean that my friends are not only proud of what I do, but want to help me share the knowledge of it…due to me being completely incapable of doing so successfully.

Did I mention that this list is in no particular order (outside of the times when it mentions that its in a particular order)?  Good, because I couldn’t possibly come up with who to name next first.  But, I have to, because, you know, this is an acknowledgements page and everything.

So, Angelika Rust, my German/Austrian friend who somehow seems to find every single way in which I have Englished incorrectly.  Out of all of my writer friends, I’ve probably known Angelika the shortest, but she’s one of the few that I know for a fact has read every single one of my books (most before they were even published) and always comes back with the most helpful ideas on how I could improve the text.  Angelika is the closest I have to an editor and she does so without any expectation of compensation or returned favors.  And I honestly don’t know how I could possibly repay her.  Also, she’s an incredibly talented author (not just said in a weak attempt to repay, but completely true).  Her novella, The Girl on the Red Pillow, simply blew me away in its ability to deal with the topic of depression.  Read it!

Outside of Angelika, I’ve made a whole heaping load of author friends who have helped keep me sane along the way…I’m going to name them, and I’m going to miss at least one person, and I’m going to feel awfully bad about it.  But here goes anyways.  Ken Mooney, Claire C Riley, Wyatt McIntyre, Deb Ude, Scott Butcher, Chris Bostic, Mindy Haig, Laura Emmons, Michael Matula, Jaclyn Aurore, Faye Kename (or J. Cassidy, or whatever the heck she calls herself today), and…a bunch more, I know I’m just forgetting a ton of them, and I’ll add them when I remember (or they remind me).  I apologize to the ones not currently listed because all of you have kept me alive as an author, every single one.  Writing a book can be such an isolated event, one that can easily cause someone to quickly lose all concept of reality.  And for someone like me who is an incredibly harsh judge on his own work, just getting that little bit of a confidence booster, or words of encouragement, go a long way toward keeping a person alive and healthy.  I can’t thank all of you enough…especially the ones that I forgot to put on this list.

The truth of the matter is, although I’ve created this page on the site here, which allows me to craft this incredibly large thank you note to every single person who has been there for me in some way along the way…I’m going to miss people on the list, simply because that just happens.  In lieu of capturing every person except one (or more, of course), I’ll just leave this as it is with one final note of gratitude:

There are literally hundreds of people who could be on this list, from the friends and family who have expressed their support and interest in what I do, to the readers who have left reviews (good or bad), left me notes through e-mail or other, or even just the ones who have read, to the folks who continually help me to promote my stuff…or just whisper in the dark corners about how terrible my books must be because of what they know about me 😉  I could go on and on and on, part of the reason why this fifteen hundred word expression of love is left out of my books.  But I won’t.  I’m going to leave it here with one simple message:

Thanks.  I simply couldn’t have done it without you.


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